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3 Roller Plate Bender

3 Roll Plate Bending Machine

What is a 3 Roll Plate Bending Machine?

3 Roll Plate Bending Machine, this type of sheet metal bending machine consists of three rollers that are rotatably mounted in the frame of the machine. However, the arrangement of the rolls, as well as their adjustment, depends on the design. The rollers can, for example, be hydraulically or mechanically adjustable so that the entire forming force can be applied to the sheet. There are also differences in the various designs as to whether the 3-roll round bending machine can only move the top roll or also the two side rolls. 3 Roll Bending Machines are particularly suitable for bending cones. Read More: Best Guide to Plate Rolling Process: Formula, 2 Tips, 11 Keys

3 roll plate rolling machine
PRV 300×3500 3 roll plate rolling machine

3-roll bending machines offer the widest range of applications. Be it plate widths of up to 24 meters, plate thicknesses of over 300 mm, or output of 20 pipes/hour and more. With 3-roll plate bending machines all these requirements and more can be met.

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Five types of 3 Roll Plate Bending Machine

3 Roll Plate Bending Machines are offered in two distinct categories: single and double-pinch, but they may vary in geometry or style. General machine styles are:

  1. 3 Roll Initial-Pinch Plate Bending Machine,
  2. 3 Roll Double-Pinch Plate Bending Machine,
  3. 3 Roll Variable GeometryPlate Bending Machine,
  4. Top Roll Horizontal Movement Plate Bending Machine,
  5. 3 Roll Pyramid Plate Bending Machine.

The 3-roll bending machines are also can built in a vertical format for special applications. Matching the most appropriate machine style to the application is important.


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Initial Pinch Plate Roll PRA

type 1: NC Top Roll Variable Geometry Plate Rolls PRT

PRT 3-roll bending machines designed, manufactured and marketed by BIT deliver performance equivalent to that obtained with the more expensive 4-roll plate bending rolls and are therefore ideal for medium-heavy duty machining.

  • Bending Thickness: 50-200mm
  • Pre-bending Thickness: 40-160mm
  • Bending Width: 1000-10000mm


type 2: 3 Roll Variable Geometry Bending Rolls PRV

The technological and innovative PRV is a 3-roll variable geometry bending machine particularly suitable for bending medium-large thickness sheets. Accuracy, speed, and great bending performance, both in bending and pre-bending, make PRV unique in its kind.

  • Bending Thickness: 60-120mm
  • Pre-bending Thickness: 50-100mm
  • Bending Width: 3200-4000mm


type 3: Initial Pinch Plate Roll PRA

These PRA small initial pinch 3 roll steel plate rolling machines are designed for small part bending with low operation cost, they are made for bending and rolling metal sheets or plates into cones and other cylindrical shapes. They feature robust cast iron frames, chain and gear-driven drive systems, and electric motors with a magnetic brake which eliminates drifting. All three rolls are hydraulic-driven, hardened, and made of high-grade alloy steel.

  • Bending Thickness: 2-6mm
  • Pre-bending Thickness:2-6mm
  • Bending Width: 1000-2000mm


type 4: 3 Roll Double Pinch Plate Bending Machine PRD

PRD 3 roll plate bending machines are reliable and tested hydraulic bending machines, with three driving rollers with hydraulic pinching that guarantee a precise and constant drag of the material. The point of contact of the side roll with the sheet metal takes place in a shorter space thanks to a narrower center distance; this allows working with very small diameters reducing further the flat edges.

  • Bending Thickness: 4-30mm
  • Pre-bending Thickness: 3.5-25mm
  • Roller’s Working Length: 2000-3000mm


type 5: 3-Roll Pyramid Roll Bending Machin PRS

PRS Pyramid Roll Bending Machines are designed to cater to the basic requirements of bending & forming metal plates, PRS plate rollers belong to 3-roll symmetrical mechanical structures.
PRS plate rolling machine does well in compact structure, easy operation, and convenient maintenance.

  • Bending Thickness: 4-40mm
  • Bending Width: 1500-3000mm
  • Top Roller Dia.: 150-500mm


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