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Initial Pinch Plate Rolls
Initial Pinch Plate Rolls

Initial Pinch Plate Rolls PRA

PRA 3 roll initial pinch plate rolls generally are for light-capacity applications and are electromechanical or hydraulic, they ensure you get excellent results with a single operator thanks to its ease of use feature, with a familiar asymmetrical construction, providing a simple and inexpensive approach for thin sheet metal bends.

The PRA 3-roll plate bending machine is the best solution for bending plates with thicknesses between 1 mm and 9 mm and widths from 1000 mm to 3000 mm.

Initial Pinch Plate Roller


  • Simple initial pinch
  • Flexible manual drop end
  • High-efficiency machine processing
  • Specialize in small diameter cylinder bendHigh quality solid rolls are applied to bend stainless steel
  • The easily-operated hand wheel is used to help lateral roll
Initial Pinch Plate Rolls

Work principle

The PBA Initial Pinch Plate Rolls work by pinching the metal plate between two vertically opposed rolls while the third bending roll—moves upward to contact and then bends the plate. When rotation of the rollers is activated, the plate exits at a given radius. With the sheet cut to the developed length and the bending roll properly positioned, the part is rolled into a cylindrical shape that can then be welded at the seam to produce a closed cylinder.