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Sheet Metal Roller Manufacturers

Sheet Metal Rolling Machine

Almost every workshop needs a good metal sheet rolling machine (steel plate bending machine). PRA and PR4 sheet metal bending machine from Borisbang Industrial Technology (BIT) is a perfect choice. The PRS, PRA, or PR4 small sheet metal roller offers a simple and rugged design, offering the medium to small fabricator years of quality service.

4-roll plate bending machine
3/8″ 4-Roll PR4 Sheet Metal Rolling Machine

The difference between metal sheet rolling and metal plate rolling: If the thickness of the metal is ¼” (6mm) or more, then it is considered a plate. Plate thickness is typically measured in inches. If the thickness is less than ¼” (6mm), it is considered a metal sheet.
Roll bending the metal sheet(thickness <6mm ¼”) or metal plate, (thickness >= 6mm ¼”), is pressed into great accuracy cylinders and cones, to make bulk storage containers, ductwork, piers for oil rigs, panels for the hulls of ships, etc. Read More: Plate Rolling

PR4 Sheet Metal Rolling Machine

The PR4 Sheet Metal Rolling Machine/Equipment can roll with a thickness of 4-12mm sheet metal. Used for cylinder pressure vessel manufacturing industries, PR4 Sheet Metal Rolling Machine has functions of roll-bending round, pre-bending, and correcting the circle, with a coarse leveling function.

Four Features of Specification

  • Roller: The upper roller of the sheet metal rolling machine is the main transmission, leading the lower roller and the side roller to move by friction between the steel plate/sheet metal and the upper roller, meanwhile, the upper roller provides torque for rolling rollers. The upper roller is the active roller by hydraulic transmission, lower roller, and the accessories, both sides turn plane and supporting roller lifting are driven by hydraulic pressure. The lower roller uses vertical lifting, and the side roller use tilt lifting, so the synchronization precision error is less than 0.15mm.
  • Pre-bending: To make pre-bending, the lower roller rises and clamp the sheet metal, the side roller inclined upward, sheet metal end pre-bending is done. According to the arrangement of the side roller to adjust the position of the two sides, the four-roll sheet metal rolling machine can do symmetric or non-symmetric bending so that the sheet metal rolling machine can be a rolled ideal very small arc straight edge into the theory of surplus. Compared with the symmetrical 3-roll sheet metal bending machine, four roller rolling machines do not need to use a pre-bending sheet metal press anymore.
  • Control System: The four-roller rolling machines’ control system adopted Japan OMRON intelligent high-speed PLC or CNC industrial control systems, the system can control the lower roller and the other roller accessories. The lower roller and the two-side roller’s displacement sensor use an encoder, so the action design of the sensor is reasonable, which can guarantee service life.
  • Bearings and Hydraulic Systems: All bearings used in the four-roller rolling machine are required to adopt the most advanced technology, from the most well-known manufacturers of leading products. Hydraulic cylinder with accurate manufacturing, good sealing effect, so the cylinder reduces the pressure relief and leakage of sealing device, in addition, all sealing accessories are imported from world famous brand products.

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sheet metal roller
4-roll plate bending machine
3/8″ 4-roll sheet metal rolling machine

Main specifications of 3/8″ Plate Roller (Sheet Metal Rolling Machine)

  • Bending Thickness: 12mm
  • Max. Bending Width: 2000mm
  • Roller Working Length: 2100mm
  • Rolling: 12*2000mm min600mm (σs≤245MPa)
  • Upper Roller DIA: Ф330mm
  • Lower Roller DIA: Ф310mm
  • Side Roller DIA: Ф250mm
  • Side Roller Slant Angle: 25°
  • Auxiliary Motor Power: 11KW
  • Upper roller Max. Permissible Load: 130KN
  • Source of Power: Hydraulic
  • Driving Model of Roller: Hydraulic Motor and Planetary Transmission
  • Roll-bending Speed: 4.5m/min
  • Voltage and Frequency: 220V, 3 phase, 50Hz
  • Max. Working Pressure of Hydraulic System: 18Mpa

11 Advantages

  • Liner guideway system, more reliable and more endurable.
  • Electronic balance synchronization control system(accuracy ± 0.15mm).
  • Double power roller with 2 gearboxes and 2 hydraulic motors.
  • All moving parts use hydraulic power, more reliable and more endurable.
  • Large-size axis bearings, make the whole structure more stable.
  • The surface of the roller with heat treatment, which hardness can be HB260-300.
  • Hydraulic system to prevent overload.
  • Automatic lubrication system.
  • Lower voltage control system.
  • Automatic alarm system for lower oil level and filter clogged.
  • Safety stop system, to stop all moving parts of the whole machine.

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PR4 4 Roll CNC Sheet Metal Rolling Machine Parameters

ModelMax Bending Thickness
Pre-bending Thickness
Roller Working Length
Plate Yeild Limit
Top Roller Diameter
Bottom Roller Diameter
Side Roller Diameter
Main Power
¼” Plate Roller
¼” Plate Roller
¼” Plate Roller

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steel plate rolling machine
3-roll sheet metal roller

PRS Sheet Metal Rolling Machine

PRS Sheet Metal Rolling Machine is a three-roller symmetrical steel plate/sheet metal rolling machine(Read More: Bending Machine Wikipedia). It is mainly used to bend plates with a thickness of less than 3/8″(10mm) (σS≤245Mpa) into cylindrical tubes of various diameters during the cold working process. It is widely used in boilers, Chemical, mining, construction, shipbuilding, and other machinery industries.

Specifications of 3/8″ Sheet Metal Rolling Machine

  • Maximum coil thickness: 3/8″ (10mm Q235 material)
  • Maximum coil width: 2000mm
  • Steel plate yield limit: 245MPa
  • Upper roller diameter: Ф170mm
  • Center distance between two lower rollers: 280mm
  • Bending speed: about 4.5m/min
  • Main motor: 7.5kw
  • Auxiliary motor: 4kw

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Parameter Of PRS Sheet Metal Rolling Machine

NameMax Rolling Thickness (mm)Max Rolling Width (mm)Min Rolling Diameter (N/mm)Yield Limit (N/mm2)Rolling Speed (m/min)Upper Roller Diameter (mm)Lower Roller Diameter (mm)Lower Roller Center Distance (mm)Main Motor Power (Kw)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (Kg)