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CNC Section Bending Machine
Roll and Stretch Forming Equipment
Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine

Expert in Cold Bending Machines of Profiles and Steel sheets/Plates and Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction. We Have Over 30+ Years of Experience in High Precision, Productivity, and Long-Term Reliability Hydraulic Section Bending machines, Plate Bending Machines, and Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machines.

CNC aluminum profile bending process
CNC Bending Machine

The CNC bending machines from BIT enjoy great popularity and can be used in many different areas. The CNC bending machines from BIT offer an uncomplicated exchange of individual tools as well as the possibility to rely on an automatic CNC control.

The application range of CNC is extensive in BIT’s products: CNC pipe bending machine, CNC 4-roll plate rolling machine, CNC aluminum bending machine, CNC stretch forming press, and even CNC 4-roll section bending machines.

Section Bending Machine
PBH CNC Section Bending Machines

CNC Section Bending Machines

Section Bending Machines for roll bending of various metals. Steel bars, angle irons, H and I beams, channels, tubes, and pipes bending made easy.
Powerful roll bending ability can bend Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum Profiles to over 180° and into circles or arcs, and is often chosen to create circular pieces.
The maximum bending section modulus of PBH Section Bending Machines can reach a real 1000m3.
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CNC Aluminum Profile Bending Machine
3D CNC Aluminum Bending Machine

CNC Aluminum Profile Bending Machine

PBA Series CNC Profile Bending Machine is an aluminum bending machine for aluminum profiles;
Up to`15 independent controllable servo axes; Automatic CNC systems; Three-dimensional bending. Accuracy is as high as ≤0.01mm.  which is the standard and optional equipment of the PBA-CNC series aluminum bending machine.
Can be bent in various shapes (3-D graphics, C-shaped, U-shaped, full circle, ellipse, multiple radii combination shapes, etc.)
Computer numerically controlled (CNC) section bending is a manufacturing process that is carried out by a CNC Aluminum Bending Machine (aka Aluminum Profile Bending Machine), suitable for bending aluminum profiles for automobiles, doors, and windows.


plate bending machine
CNC Plate Bending Machine

PBR Plate Roller

CNC Plate Bending Machine

PBR Plate Rolling Machines are engineered for safe operations and unparalleled maximum flexibility while offering the latest in features and advanced technology. Our PRH CNC Plate Bending Machines will save you money.


stretch forming machine
CNC Stretch Forming Machine

PBF Stretch Bending Machine

CNC Stretch Forming Machine

The PBF series is the strongest Stretch Forming Machine series ever made. Our stretch forming machines allow the manufacture of large parts, for maximum industrial productivity.


CNC pipe bending machine

High-performance cold pipe bending machine, NC control, multiple programs, multiple angle settings, simpler operation, and program settings. It is widely used and can be used in mass-produced or standardized products, such as exhaust pipes, seats, bumpers, and all steel furniture.


Section bending (also called profile bending or section rolling) can custom bent profiles from all forms of metal: tubes, flats, rounds, solid rounds, solid squares, angles, tee sections, H & I beams, and channels.
Two methods: cold bending and hot bending.

Bending Process

Profile Bending Machine

Driven by hydraulic motor, powerful bending ability.
Can bend various types of materials into an arc or a circle.

Aluminum Profile Bending Machine

CNC Aluminum Profile Bending

Servo motor drive. Photoelectric positioning, CNC control. Accuracy is as high as ≤0.01mm. Suitable for difficult variable-curvature arc aluminum bending processing.

Angle iron bending is one of the most common section bending machine functions.

A section bending machine is a device for the radial forming of metal profiles. It works similarly to a plate bending machine. However, its design is much more complex.
Section bending machines(aka profile bending machines) use done in a wide variety of metal profiles in roll bending. It is also the case that aluminum extrusions, even extremely complex sections of aluminum, can be rolled and formed into a ring or 3D shapes.

The working principle of the section bending machines is roll bending, it is a process whereby we obtain cold process deformation with a wider bend radius that theoretically can range from 5 times the cross-section to infinity.
The metal profile is made to pass through a set of three rollers that, after one or more passages (depending on the difficulty of bending), will form an arch with the required radius of curvature. Roll-bending is, generally speaking, a simpler process than bending.

W24S-180 Profile Bending Machine
PBH-360 Profile Bending Machine

Nantong Borisbang Industrial Technology (BIT) specializes in the production of CNC Bending Machines.
BIT always insists on applying the most advanced components on the market to the bending machine to ensure product quality advantages. Therefore, the cold bending machines that were delivered 30 years ago can still be used satisfactorily, thus creating efficiency and efficiency for customers, and the furthest equipment is also operating in Europe.
CNC aluminum profile bending machines and section bending machines (angle rolls) are for sale online.