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Shipbuilding Plate Roll

We’ve covered everything you need to know about the PRV Variable Geometry Shipbuilding Plate Bending Machine from BIT. Maybe you also like to check out our Plate Rolling page.

shipbuilding plate bending machine
Shipbuilding Plate Bending Machine

The PRV CNC shipbuilding plate bending machine can roll metal plates into curved and tapered workpieces within a certain range in one feeding. The PRV ship heavy plate bending machine is equipped with dedicated bending molds that can be used as a bending machine. The two bottom rolls of the machine are the main drive rolls, driven by two motor reducers respectively. The horizontal movement of the bottom roll is driven by mechanical transmission, while the lifting of the top roll and the adjustment of the upper and lower supporting rolls are driven by hydraulic power. The lifting and horizontal movement of the top and bottom rolls are controlled by PLC, with a synchronous accuracy of ±0.2mm. The ship plate bending machine is equipped with a color LCD touchscreen display, has a movable ground operation platform, and is also equipped with a handheld remote control.

The PRV CNC Shipbuilding Plate Bending Machine mainly consists of the following parts: the upper roll assembly, the lower roll assembly, the upper and lower support roller devices, the gantry, the bed, the left and right frames, the main drive assembly, the upper roll drive assembly, the micro-control system, the oil cylinder, the hydraulic system, and the lubrication and camera monitoring systems.

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Advanced Solutions for Marine Metal Forming

shipbuilding plate bending machine

The PRV Variable Geometry Shipbuilding Plate Roll is a highly versatile and efficient solution for metal forming processes in marine applications.

  • Dual-Functionality: The machine seamlessly transitions between rolling and bending operations, offering enhanced convenience and versatility. This is made possible by the vertically adjustable upper roller and horizontally moving lower rollers, enabling efficient metal forming processes.
  • Robust Construction: Designed to withstand harsh industrial environments, the PRV ship plate bending machine features a heavy-duty construction. This ensures precise bending of outer plates, particularly in engine room applications, where accuracy and durability are paramount.
  • Adaptability and Extension Capacity: The machine is adaptable to various workpiece lengths, ranging from 8m to 21m, and offers ample extension capacity. This ensures reliable performance even in demanding settings, where flexibility and precision are essential.
  • Mechanical Properties: Boasting excellent mechanical properties such as high strength and wear resistance, the ship CNC plate bending machine is ideal for bending curved and wide workpieces. Its adjustable bottom roll center distance, equipped with lifting columns, further enhances adaptability to high-load operations and ensures prolonged durability.
  • Eccentric Bending Capabilities: The PRV Variable Geometry Shipbuilding Plate Bending Machine features eccentric bending capabilities, allowing for precise 90º bends with minimal straight end sections. This feature is particularly useful for achieving impeccable results in tasks such as completing grooved hatch flanges (hems), where minimal remaining straight sides are desired.

Machine Features

shipbuilding plate bending machine
  1. It adopts a three-roll structure with movable bottom roll centers;
  2. The gantry and bed are welded with high-strength box-type frame structures;
  3. Multi-point compensation technology for large-span top and bottom roll deflections;
  4. Heavy-duty self-aligning roller bearings support the working and supporting rolls;
  5. The two bottom rolls adopt independent group drive structures on both sides;
  6. Quick lifting and anti-vibration device for the top roll;
  7. The main hydraulic cylinder for top roll pressure adopts an integral structure;
  8. The hydraulic control technology is used for the main cylinder drive;
  9. The CNC system adopts integrated, intelligent, information-based, and visualized technology;
  10. Equipped with a movable lifting feeding platform, mechanical and laser rapid positioning, reverse auxiliary support, bending molds, and other devices to improve equipment functionality and ease of operation.