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3 Roll Top Roll Horizontal Movement Bending Roll PRT

PRT Top Roll Horizontal Movement Plate Bending Machine adopts Top Roll Horizontal Movement (mechanical transmission), and Vertical Movement (hydraulic transmission), driven by the lower rolls, electric centralized control operation system. The NC PRT 3 roll bending rolls can complete the pre-bending and roll of both ends of the metal plate in one roll bending process after feeding the workpiece, and in the work of making cylindrical and arc-shaped workpieces, it can also perform certain shaping and leveling on the metal sheet, which has the effect of direct pre-bending, saving trouble and material, and is equipped with NC system control to improve the degree of automation.

The PRT 3 Roll Plate Rolling Machine is the best solution for bending plates with thicknesses between 50 mm and 200 mm and widths from 1000 mm to 10000 mm.

  • Bending Thickness: 50-200mm
  • Pre-bending Thickness: 40-160mm
  • Bending Width: 1000-10000mm
3-roll plate bending machine
PRT Top Roll Horizontal Movement 3 Roll NC Plate Bending Machine
plate rolling machine
plate rolling machine


  • NC Control: The amount of Top Roll Ram Down is automatically calculated by inputting application data, which reduces workers’ operation.
  • High-Precision Pre-Bending: Being formed in the procedure that Top Roll moves Front/Rear direction, the ends of the material plate are firmly bent as well as the one done by the ordinal press.
  • Precise Circularity and Cylindricity: Top Roll Crowning and adjustment of Back-Up Roll help correct deflection of both Top Roll and Back-Up Rolls to be more precise circularity and cylindricality of applications, which reduces the time of post-procedure.
  • High Rigid Mechanical Structure: The frame is rigidly designed based on pressure capacity and width of application materials. Top roll ram-down mechanism and rigid & compact lower frame simplify foundation construction.
  • Abundant bending shapes: It has different shapes such as rolled O-shaped, U-shaped, multi-section R, etc.

Working Principle

PRT 3 roll bending machine is a special cold bending equipment that uses the principle of three points to form a circle. Under normal temperature, the metal plate is rolled from a flat plate into an arc-shaped, cylindrical and conical workpiece.
  1. The top roll rises and falls vertically. Power: hydraulic cylinder. Function: Apply pressure to the plate to bend the plate.
  2. The top roll moves horizontally. Power: Electric motor. Function: Adjust the horizontal distance between the upper and lower work rolls, so that the upper and lower work rolls are arranged asymmetrically, so as to realize the pre-bending of the end of the sheet and reduce the length of the straight edge. ​​
  3. The lower rolls rotate. Power: Electric motor. Function: Provide torque for rolled sheet.
  4. Overturning the bearing body is overturned and reset. Power: hydraulic cylinder. Function: Unload the rolled work.
Top roll horizontal movement 3-roll bending machine