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Pyramid Roll Bending Machine
Pyramid Roll Bending Machine – PRS

3 roll Pyramid Roll Bending Machine PRS

PRS Pyramid Roll Bending Machines/Pyramid Rollers are designed to cater to the basic requirements of bending & forming metal plates, PRS plate rollers belong to 3-roll symmetrical mechanical structure. The top roll moves up and down at the central part of the two lower rolls. Screw nut and worm gear both driver roller of transmission. Two lower rolls act as main driving rollers. Through the meshing, they are able to rotate between the output gear of the gearbox and the lower roll, so as to supply the torque to the bent plate. PRS plate rolling machine does well in compact structure, easy operation, and convenient maintenance.

  • Bending Thickness: 4-40mm
  • Bending Width: 1500-3000mm
  • Top Roller Dia.: 150-500mm
Pyramid Plate Roll Machine/Pyramid Roller


PRS Bending Rolls are the true pyramid roller bending machines. In general, they leave a very long unbent flat so are not as user-friendly as other types of rolling machines.

Pyramid roll bending is a cold-bending method where a member is bent progressively by repeatedly passing it through a set of three adjustable rolls in a pyramid arrangement. Force is applied by opposing rolls. The distance between rolls is manipulated before each pass, bending the member into successively smaller radii. This process is repeated until the proper curvature is formed.

Pyramid roll bending can be used to provide curvature up to a 360° angle. When curving I-shaped sections, the tension and compression flanges tend to bend locally toward one another. These flange forces induce web compression stresses, potentially causing web buckling distortion.

Pyramid Rolling Machine

Standard Equipment

  • Movable control panel
  • Manual drop end
  • Solid rolls made of steel 45
  • Good brand electric parts
  • Machine cover


  • Cone bending device
  • Extended shaft for profile bending
  • Safety cable
  • Digital readout for lower rolls