Cold roll bending and forming machine

CNC metal roll forming and bending machines, hydraulic and electric. Carbon steel, copper, titanium, aluminum and aluminum alloy . Cold roll bending metal pipes and tubes, angle iron, flat bar and square bar, U and C channel, H beam, sheet metal.

What is cold bending?

Glossary: The bending of metal shapes by cold working at ambient temperatures.
Cold bending, as the name suggests, bends the workpiece in a cold state.

roll bending machine

The three-roll section bending machine and plate bending machine are the industry workhorse. The machine has three hydraulically driven rolls in a triangular configuration.

4-roll plate bending machine
CNC plate bending machine
cold roll forming machine

Cold roll forming machine

Well-suited for customized or standard shape production, cold roll forming is a simple process ideal for even the most complex shapes. It is a flexible, responsive and cost-effective alternative to extruded press braking and stamping.