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Pipe bending machine


Pipe bending machine
Pipe bending machine
 Specification (mm)Minimum Inside Diameter (mm)
W24S-1676 × 4700
W24S-45102 × 41000
W24S-75140 × 41800
W24S-140170 × 62000
W24S-180219 × 62500
W24S-250245 × 63000
W24S-320325 × 64000
W24S-400400 × 68000
W24S-500452 × 68000
W24S-600510 × 2010000



Pipe bending is used to create components for many different applications. Curved pipes can be used on bridges, stairs and canopies, as well as machines in the agricultural and construction industries.

From the tightest bend to the broadest, BIT serise pipe bending machines's bending processes produce little to no distortion or ovality.It work with almost all grades of carbon steel pipe and aluminum pipe. We can bend full and half pipe with equal quality and precision.

Our pipe benders can easily do large sweeps and can, indeed, bend any size radius except very tight bends. W24S-800 profile bending machines can bend up to 26” OD pipe. BIT serise pipe bending machines dies that match the OD of the pipe to be bent, but do not require a separate die for each radius that the pipe is to be bent to.

Nominal Pipe Size & Pipe Schedules

BIT serise pipe bending machines may be performed on a variety of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and copper.


BIT serise pipe bending machines can pre-bending the end of profile, remaining straight edge is less than or equal to two times of the profile width. All three working rollers are drive roller, and adopt the rolling friction; it is high efficiency, energy saving.

1.Main roller rotation is driven by the hydraulic motor through hydraulic system.

Two side rollers(left roller and right roller) are driven by a hydraulic cylinders, rotating in arc line around the main roller, its function is profiles bending; moreover hydraulic system drive hydraulic motor, the hydraulic motor drive gear, the gear drive side rollers and chain, the chain drive main roller rotating with side rollers, its function is profiles bending and forming; the supporting roller can be lift up and down, moved forward and back, and rotated, all these movement were driven by hydraulic cylinder, supporting roller’s function is prevent profiles twisting during bending it, ensuring the accuracy of the work piece.

2. All movements of machine are driven by the hydraulic system, controlled by centralized electric control system, user operate machine through the button on the electric control cabinet.

3.Note: during the process of rolling, the user should not rotate three rollers and lift the supporting rollers at the same time, in order to avoid machine failure. After three rollers are installed with molds, supporting rollers can be lift up and down.

4. Bending range

The Angle bending machine ( profiles bending machine ) can bend various profiles by replacing or adjusting mold.

Please refer to the basic parameters regarding various profiles bending size and range.

5.Profiles bending mold and mold combination

Profiles bending mold and mold combination is designed as per customer’s profiles; the type and specification of the bending section is different, the mold are different.

The numbers on mold diagram are same as the numbers on the mold, installing the mold as per number on mold diagram

1 set of standard hardened and ground rolls (special steel)

All rolls Planetary/Gear – Hydro motor Driven

Side supports are suitable for angle iron bending leg in -Leg Out

Portable control panel

Horizontal and Vertical optional

Body constructed of stress-relieved steel

Overload protection on hydraulic and electrical systems

Bottom rolls hydraulically adjustable with digital readout

Full function,various profile can be bent by replace the mold

NC or CNC can optional by customer

CE certificate

Pipe Bending Machine Video:

600 Pipe bending machine

Pipe Bending Machine Images:
Pipe bending machine
W24s-500 Pipe bending machine
Pipe bending machine
W24s-500 Pipe bending machine
Section and pipe bending
Section and pipe bending
Pipe bending machine
Pipe bending machine 1920px
Pipe bending machine
Pipe bending machine 1920px
Pipe bending machine
Pipe bending machine 768px

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