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Lubricate the plate rolling machines correctly saves money and time

The main point of lubrication is to stop friction damage between moving parts of the plate rolling machine.

Why lubricate?

The plate rolling machine is one of the important production equipment in the factory, so the lubricants are even more important for the machine. Because you want to reduce as much friction as possible so there’s no excessive damage done to your plate rolling machine.

Always choose a higher-quality product to get the best results. Renewing your lubricants regularly is also important so your plate bending machines are always working at peak performance.

The best part is that minimizing friction created by your plate roller leads to additional benefits.

Slows Down Wear and Tear

With friction under control, the general wear and tear of your plate rolling machines improve. You’ll have far fewer problems with worn-out parts with a proper lubricant than without.

The slippery substance acts as a barrier between the different moving parts, aiding in their movement. This stops the terrible grinding of metal-on-metal that wears down those moving parts in no time at all.

It also acts as a barrier to rust and other kinds of corrosion, keeping your plate rolling machine protected as long as the lubricant is in place.

Prevents Plate Rolling Machine Downtime

When the plate rolling machines are down, nothing else can happen until they’re up and running again. Depending on the severity of the damage, downtime can take anywhere from a few minutes or several hours.

As the lubricant works to keep the plate rolling machine from wearing itself down, you’ll no longer have frequent periods of downtime. The likelihood of it happening goes down as your machine keeps chugging along with no problems at all.

No broken parts, no need to shut everything down to fix the problems.

By greasing up your plate rolling machine, you’re prolonging its life. Instead of the entire company grinding down to a standstill, production continues without fail.

Controls Plate Rolling Machine Temperatures

Less friction created by running your machines means that there’s also less heat produced.

When there’s a great amount of friction caused by metal grating against metal, those temperatures skyrocket. This can lead to overheating and has the potential to significantly damage the plate bending machine.

Controlling the temperature of your Sheet Metal Rolling Machines also keeps your employees safe. It ensures they don’t get too hot while working the plate bending machines from exposure to high temperatures.

Lubricate the plate rolling machine correctly and consistently

Machinery Lubricant Selection: Each roller slide bearing, slide guide board adopted lithium-based grease. Speed reducer adopt N220# industrial gear oil.
  • The plate rolling machine is an orchestra of moving mechanical parts conducted by electrical and electronic systems.
  • It is extremely important to follow the manufacturer’s specifications carefully regarding lubrication frequency and the location of the lubrication points.
  • Proper lubrication also means using high-quality greases and oils, chosen exclusively on the basis of the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • According to the rolling plate machine working condition, box-type lubrication and regular lubrication adopted.
  • Each slide guide surface lubricated by hand gun, grease once per shift.
  • Also, slide bearing between rollers lubricated by one-time.
  • Main drive gear speed reducer of bottom rollers and transfer-case adopt box-type lubrication.
CNC plate bending machine

Metal Roller Lubrication system and Notes

  • Rack sliding guide surfaces available by hand oiler once per shift.
  • Before each work shift, must lubricate to every lubrication point.
  • Check whether the lubricant oil of speed reducer at a predetermined position.
  • The main drive speed reducer after the first working 150 hours, should change lubricant once. After that, change lubricant after working 1500 hours or once a year.
  • The entire lubrication system should be cleaned after the first 150 working hours. Then, at least once cleaning per year.
  • If roller plate bending machine is in the long-term continuous full load, it should be cleaned once half a year.

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