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Angle Rollers

MSH-300 Angle Roller

MSH-300 Angle Roller

MSH 300 semi-hydraulic angle roller, angle rolls) belongs to half hydraulic profile bending machine.

CNC profile bending machine

PBA-300F CNC Aluminum Profile Bending Machine

PBA-300F CNC profile bending machine is a metal profile cold bending machine, with 5 sets of rollers, of which 4 sets of rollers are feeding rollers, and 1 set of rollers is feed rollers, all driven by servo motors

MSM-200 Angle Roller

MSH-200 Angle Roller

MSH-200 section bending machine is a machine with very small section modulus. It is not a product of BIT, but a product of a BIT-friendly company. We can sell this small section bending machine on your behalf. FEATURES: Full hydraulic… Read More »MSH-200 Angle Roller

MSH-50 Angle Roller

MSH-50 Angle Roller

MSH/PBE/PBH-50 section bender (Setion Rollers) is a small hydraulic profile bending machine, which can be used for bending angle (angle bending machine).Its volume and weight are very small, and of course its bending ability is also very small. Can not… Read More »MSH-50 Angle Roller

Flange Bending Machine

Flange Roll Forming Machine

In the past 30 years, due to the rapid development of China’s economy, about 20% of the machines we produce are used for flange forming, especially large flange forming that is difficult to mass produce.

For example, W24S-400, the factory manager once released a video to promote its large flange, the excitement can be felt across the screen.

C steel channel bending machine

Channel Bending Machine

BIT series profile bending machines can be used as C steel channel bending machines. It should be pointed out that PBH-120, PBH-140 do not support the horizontal section bending of channel steel profiles (Hard-way bending).