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PBH-50-2 Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine

The two lower rollers of PBH are movable, and the upper roller is fixed. In PBE-50 Section Bender, on the contrary, the two lower rollers are fixed, and the upper roller is movable.

section bender
profile bending machine
MSH/PBE/PBH-50 section bender

MSH/PBE/PBH-50 section bender (Setion Rollers) is a small hydraulic profile bending machine, which can be used for bending angle (angle bending machine).
Its volume and weight are very small, and of course its bending ability is also very small. Can not allowed to bend channel and H&I beam profiles.

The difference between MSM/PBE/PBH-50 and W24S series of section bending machines is that the bending torque is provided by the motor, while the W24S is provided by the hydraulic system with stable and powerful torque.

The two lower rollers of PBH Profile Bending Machines are movable, and the upper roller is fixed. In MS/PBE/PBH-50, on the contrary, the two lower rollers are fixed, and the upper roller is movable.

There are two control methods for the upper roll of WQJY, manual and hydraulic.


angle bending machine
WQJY-50 profile bending machine

MSH/PBE/PBH-50 is rotated by two fixed lower rollers driven by a motor and a gear box to provide torque for profile bending.
The movable upper roller can move up and down by adjusting the height of the screw manually or hydraulic cylinder;
Side guide rollers are installed on both sides of the machine to ensure bending quality;
Simple operation, small size and complete functions. By changing the mold, various pf profiles can be rolled;

MSH/PBE/PBH-50 section roller specifications

Max.Section(mm):1 ½”x2,9Max.Section(mm):Ø60×1.5
Min.Section(mm):40x20x2Min.bending DIA(mm):30×2

MSH/PBE/PBH-50 section bender photos