Round bar bending machine

Solid Rod Bending Machine Description

BIT series profile bending machine can be used as round bar bending machine and solid bar bending machine.

Solid Rod Bending Machine
Solid Rod Bending Machine

High-strength tempered steel mold, high sensitivity and tolerance, without the notch effect caused by bending work.

Bar materials can come in various shapes and sizes. BIT Series Profile Bending Machine can be ability to bend round bar, square bar and flat bar. All of these shapes are solid.

Bars can be bent with virtually every bending process we have available with our Section Bending Machine. For very tight radius bending you can utilize a draw bending process where you must be pull the material (draw the material) around a bend die matching the desired bend radius. For larger or sweeping radii you will utilize a roll bending process or plate roll.

Round Bar Bending Machine Specifications

  Diameter (mm) Minimum Inside Diameter (mm)
W24S-16 50 500
W24S-45 600 600
W24S-75 70 800
W24S-140 80 1500
W24S-180 110 1600
W24S-250 130 2000
W24S-320 145 2500
W24S-400 165 3000
W24S-500 200 3500
W24S-600 240 4000

Depending upon your unique project requirements, W24S-6 Angle Bending Machine may be performed on a variety of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and copper.

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