Hydraulic flat bar bending machine


Hydraulic section bending machine has super-strong ability to bend flat bar and high precision. Therefore, it is often used to bend bar steel and make flanges in practical applications.
Therefore, we also call the profile bending machine the flange forming machine.

Video of bar bending

Click here to watch the working video of the hydraulic flat bar bending machine:flange forming.

Many Chinese customers refer to the hydraulic flat bar bending machine as a flange roll forming machine. For BIT, it is just an ordinary section bending machine for bending flat steel.

Sturdy body and strong section bending ability, BIT section bending machine can bend higher strength stainless steel bar like flat iron bar.

Bar materials can come in various shapes and sizes. BIT Series Profile Bending Machine can be ability to bend round bar, square bar and flat bar. All of these shapes are solid.

Bars can be bent with virtually every bending process we have available with our Section Bending Machine. For very tight radius bending you can utilize a draw bending process where you must be pull the material (draw the material) around a bend die matching the desired bend radius. For larger or sweeping radii you will utilize a roll bending process or plate roll.

BIT Series Profile Bending Machine can bend all types of bar including aluminum, stainless and carbon steel.

BIT bar bending machine has the advantages of small volume, low energy consumption, high efficiency, no noise, convenient installation, and use, simple operation, strong carrying capacity, long service life, fast winding speed, and reliable product quality. It replaces the complicated process of original steel plate blanking, butt joint, correction, lathe processing, etc., and saves oxygen, acetylene, labor, raw materials, etc. It is the advanced bending machine for manufacturing flanges.

BIT serise flat bending machine can bending flat bars as the easy way (yy axis—like a belt) or bending flat bars the hard way (xx axis—like a metal washer). And everything in between.

Flat bar bending machine Cost and bending flat bar Price

Our flat bar bending machine price is lower than our peers’, and our flat bar bender is high quality, we have our own manufacturing factory, all products are factory price, there is absolutely no middleman markup, we accept both small Bar bender (W24S-6) customer and large bender (W24S-600) wholesale customer, bar bending machines and flat bar rolling machines for sale online.

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Hydraulic flat bar bending machine specifications

Model Hard Way
X-X Axis
Easy Way
Y-Y Axis
Minimum Inside
Diameter (mm)
Minimum Inside
Diameter (mm)
W24S-16 80× 10 800 180× 20 500
W24S-45 100× 25 700 200× 35 600
W24S-75 120× 25 1000 250× 30 1000
W24S-140 150× 30 1500 250× 40 1000
W24S-180 175× 40 1500 350× 50 900
W24S-250 200× 50 2500 400× 60 2000
W24S-320 250× 70 3500 450× 70 1000
W24S-400 250× 70 3500 500× 80 1200
W24S-500 300× 70 4000 500× 100 1600
W24S-600 300× 80 5000 650× 100 2000

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