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Aluminum Bending Machine Solutions for Arched Doors and Windows

Aluminum alloy doors and windows are becoming more and more widely used and are widely used in mid-to high-end villas. Owners have high requirements for products. Doors and windows of various shapes appear in the villa in line with the creativity of home design masters. Nowadays, there are more and more special-shaped doors and windows, which are difficult to process and have extremely high requirements on workers.

Alloy profile bending processing doors and windows

We won’t talk about ordinary arched windows. Let’s take a look at the difficult and unique aluminum alloy profile curved processing doors and windows. Let’s analyze its processing technology and difficulties. Irregular doors and windows cannot meet the requirements when processed with our normal materials.

  1. Blank: The rounded blank must not be painted, and it must not have undergone aging (heat treatment) process. The aluminum material has low hardness and good toughness, making it easy to bend the arc, so it is easy to make the billet without aging.
  2. Arc bending: There are two arc bending processes, stretch bending and roll bending. The processes are different. This irregular shape can only be achieved by roll bending, which is convenient for adjustment. This link is very important and requires certain skills. , success or failure lies in this.
  3. Splicing: If the splicing is fixed with screws, there will definitely be gaps. Generally, welding is used. After welding, it can be polished, including deformation and scratches during arc bending.
  4. Spraying: After polishing, spraying is carried out. The process of processing first and then spraying can solve many problems and cover defects during the processing. However, this kind of spraying of finished windows requires a special large-scale spraying production line, and the defective rate is high. The advantage is , if it is defective, it can be repaired immediately and re-sprayed until it reaches the surface standard for spraying ordinary long materials.
  5. Assembling accessories and glass: This process is relatively simple. The more difficult part is to install the glass crimping line, which requires a little effort. In this way, the special-shaped window is ready. The writing process seems to be very simple. In fact, the process of making it requires the spirit of craftsman, determination, perseverance and a mentality of regardless of cost in order to do it well, at all costs.

Arched doors and windows

Aluminum Bending Machine
PBA CNC Aluminium Profile Bending Machine

The appearance of doors and windows ranges from conventional square and rectangular to arched tops and arched surfaces. Arched-top doors and windows are common in some European-style houses and villas, while arched-top doors and windows often appear on landscape balconies.

The processing difficulty of arched top doors and windows and arched doors and windows is much greater than that of conventional straight-line doors and windows. In particular, arched doors and windows are the most difficult, because the aluminum profiles need to be bent, and the arched doors and windows need to bend the guide rails and glass. More complex.

The following are two points to note about arched top doors and windows and arched doors and windows:

The quality of aluminum profiles

PBA for Aluminum Window Frame Bending Solutions

If the aluminum profile is of poor quality, it will easily crack when bent. The aluminum profiles used by high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows manufacturer Oujies Doors and Windows are extruded from high-purity A00 aluminum ingots. During the process, alloy elements are added according to standards, especially titanium elements that can increase toughness, and very few harmful impurities such as iron. The performance reaches national standards. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers add recycled miscellaneous aluminum and scrap aluminum to the aluminum profiles they use during casting. Miscellaneous aluminum and scrap aluminum contain high oxygen and iron components. As a result, the alloy composition is not up to standard and cannot withstand bending.

The calculation must be accurate and the bending process must be good.

Bending Aluminium Window Frames
Arched aluminium windows

The bending arc, radius and other parameters need to be calculated accurately, and multiple factors such as the cross-sectional shape, wall thickness, size and springback of the aluminum alloy must be considered. Therefore, the aluminum alloy composition just mentioned is not up to standard, which affects the calculation of the springback rate. affects the bending results. When bending, a special mold needs to be designed, which is made after multiple bends and parameter adjustments. Therefore, the precision of the mold and the accuracy of parameter adjustment both affect the results.

The most difficult thing about aluminum bending is metal springback. The PBA series aluminum bending machine solves the springback problem with one click and achieves perfect bending.


Door and window profile bending technology has a wide range of application scenarios, involving different types of buildings such as residential buildings, commercial buildings, and educational buildings. The following are several typical application scenarios:

  1. Curved windows: By bending door and window profiles, various curved windows with unique shapes can be produced, making the building more artistic and differentiated.
  2. Curved skylights: Skylights play the role of lighting and ventilation in architectural design. Using door and window profile bending technology, skylights can be designed into various curved shapes to make them more beautiful and unique.
  3. Curved door frames: Traditional door frames are all straight. Through the bending processing of door and window profiles, door frames of various shapes such as bows and semicircles can be produced, giving the door frames more artistic feeling and personalization.
  4. Curved facade: The facade of a building is an important part of the visual image of the building. Using door and window profile bending technology, the curved design of the facade can be realized, making the building facade more dynamic and tense.