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Section Bending Square Tube

Section Bending Square Tube
Section Bending Square Tube


W24s series section bending machine can bends square hollow sections for structural projects including curved formwork, barrel vaults, roof trusses and bridge rails.

Bending Profiles Square Hollow Section
Bending Profiles Square Hollow Section

Tips for Bending Steel Tubes:

However, there is some troubleshooting to do when performing steel tube bending.

Bends often require achieving a tight radius. Since the outer wall of the bend becomes thinner, the result may be a distorted bend. To prevent this, using a mandrel to give support is recommended. That is also why press or ram bending is not recommended in these situations. The most adequate bending method would be mandrel bending, which is the same as rotary draw bending, but adding a mandrel to support the inside of the pipe.

Sometimes the radius we need to achieve makes the steel to exceed its elastic limits. It can result in deformation in the form of a hump or wrinkles. To prevent the formation of humps and wrinkles, it is recommended to use rotary draw bending or three roll bending.

When bending stainless steel tubes and pipes, it is important to remember that some of the stainless steels require around 50% more power for bending than carbon steels. Therefore, that the machinery must be set accordingly.

 Specification (mm)Minimum Inside Diameter (mm)
W24S-1665 × 61000
W24S-4590 × 51500
W24S-75100 × 62000
W24S-140120 × 83000
W24S-180150 × 85000
W24S-250180 × 106000
W24S-320200 × 108000
W24S-400250 × 1210000
W24S-500300 × 1215000
W24S-600350 × 1230000

Bending Profiles Square Hollow Section

BIT series profile bending machine ability to bend both square and rectangular tubing. For rectangular tubing we can bend both the easy way (against the weak axis) and the hard way (against the strong axis). Its can even provide Multi-Plane bending where we are bending both the easy way AND the hard way.

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Bending Steel & Aluminium Tubes

Section bending machine can bend all types of pipe and tubing including aluminum, stainless and carbon steel. It even bend specialty materials such as copper, zirconium and titanium.

Square and rectangular tubing is always called out the same way. The first two numbers designate the size of the material (in inches). The last number (typically represented as a decimal) defines the thickness of the tubing. An example callout for standard rectangular tubing would be TS 8” x 6” x .375”. This tubing measures 8” long x 6” wide and has a wall thickness of 3/8”. You know this is rectangular tubing because the sides are not equal.

Square and rectangular tubing can be bent with every bending process we have available in our shop. Processes include draw bending, roll bending, increment hot bending, increment cold bending, induction bending and can even be bent in our plate roll.

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Carbon square and rectangular materials (mill produced) are classified as ASTM A500 resulting in a yield point (psi) of 39,000 minimum for Grade A and 46,000 minimum for Grade B.

Square and Rectangular materials can be used in virtually any application. Structural (roof trusses), ornamental (staircases), recreational (bike racks), manufacturing (various widgets) and artistic. Virtually, anything that needs to bend, can be, and is designed out of square and rectangular materials (HSS materials).