Bending Universal Beam


BIT series beam bending machine ( profile bending machine ) can process a large quantitiy of universal beams for structural projects .

I-beam bending

Another solid steel shape that BIT series profile bending machine can bend is Rail. Rail (aka Railroad rail) looks like split tee material with a “ball” on the top of the tee’s stem. Rail can be rolled in different configurations such as rail ball in, rail ball out and rail ball up.

Selection table of BIT angle bending machine for bending beams

Model Hard Way (H – Beams) Easy Way (I – Beams) 
Specification (mm) Minimum Inside Diameter (mm) Specification (mm) Minimum Inside Diameter (mm)
W24S-16     120 600
W24S-45     140 600
W24S-75 120 4000 200 1000
W24S-140 160 6000 300 1200
W24S-180 200 9000 360 2000
W24S-250 240 15000 450 2500
W24S-320 320 32000 500 3000
W24S-400 400 35000 550 4000
W24S-500 450 40000 600 5000
W24S-600 500 40000 700 6000

Bending Profiles H-Beams & I-Beams

BIT series profile bending machine has the ability to roll to every configuration .

Beams and wide flange are both bent by BIT series section bending machine, from the very small sizes to the very large sizes. Its ability to bend wide flange and I-beam the easy way (against the weak axis) and the hard way (against the strong axis).