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Small section bender

PBA 200 CNC Aluminum Profile Bending Machine

Mainly for all kinds of non-standard aluminum profiles with a bending radius of less than 200 mm for bending arc processing operations, mainly bending L-shaped, rectangular, U-shaped, and other shapes.

PBA 200 CNC aluminum profile bending machine is mainly for the bending of various small metal profiles. It can bend various shapes (C-shaped, U-shaped, square, polygonal, and other shapes). It is used for decoration enterprises, mirror frames, the photo frame industry, the light box industry, etc. The ideal processing equipment for the industry’s small radius bending process.

Features of PBA 200 CNC Aluminum Bending Machine

  • The surface of the product is not deformed, scratched, or wrinkled, and the straight edges and arc parts at both ends of the product can achieve uniform transition;
  • All products can be bent and formed at one time, and the efficiency is extremely high;
  • Can save 100 profile formulas (different profiles, different arcs, and various parameters that have been used), which can be called at any time;
  • Color man-machine touch screen operation, imported industrial computer automation control, clear interface, convenient and simple operation;
  • The circuit has high stability, great applicability to the working environment, and has automatic detection and diagnosis functions;
  • The profile bending mold is simple and practical, and the user can process it by himself.

Technical parameter

  • Power: 2.5.0KW
  • Voltage: 220V 50HZ
  • Roller speed: 0-15 revolutions per minute
  • Maximum radius of roller mold: 200mm
  • Roller diameter: 50mm
  • Rated rotating torque: 2000n.m
  • Minimum processing radius: 40mm
  • Rated thrust of pushing mechanism: 1 ton
  • Positioning accuracy of pushing mechanism: ≤0.01mm
  • The largest section of the profile that can be processed: Axial height 200mmWidth 50mm Rotation positioning accuracy: ≤0.01︒ The overall size of the host: 3000mm800mm1400mm External dimensions of operation box: 500mm400mm*1200mm
  • Whole machine weight: 800kg
PBA 200 CNC aluminum profile bending machine
PBA 200 CNC aluminum profile bending machine

PBA 200 Aluminum Profile Bending Machine