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PBA Profile Bending Machine for Window Screen Frame and Curtain Track Bending

PBA Profile Bending Machine for Window Screen Frame Bending

Through the PBA aluminum bending machine, you can bend the Window Screen Frame more easily, no matter what the specifications or materials are, you can even bend the stainless steel Window Screen Frame. Today, we recommend to you the solution of PBA aluminum profile bending machine applied to the Window Screen Frame.

PBA Profile Bending Machine for Window Screen Frame Bending

Roll bending is a common method used for bending various materials including metal. In the context of window screen frame bending, roll bending can be employed to shape the frame material, typically aluminum, into the desired profile.

Seven Steps for Window Screen Frame Bending

Aluminum Profile Bending Machine

Here’s a basic overview of the roll bending process for window screen frame bending:

Preparation: Make sure to verify that you possess the accurate measurements and requirements for the window screen frame. Select the suitable bending ability aluminum profile bending machine/Screen Frame Bender for the task at hand. These machines are available in different dimensions and capabilities, which are determined by the thickness and width of the material being bent.

Material Setup: Trim the frame material to the necessary length, making sure it is slightly longer than the ultimate measurements to allow for any potential material stretching that might happen while bending.

Machine Setup: Adjust the roll bending machine’s rollers according to the desired bend radius and angle.
Ensure that the rollers are properly aligned and securely tightened.

Screen Frame Bender for Window Screen Frame Roll Bending

Bending Process

  • Insert the frame material into the profile rolling machine.
  • As the material moves through the rollers, it will slowly curve to the specified shape.
  • Make necessary adjustments to the machine settings in order to reach the desired bend radius and angle.
  • For more intricate bends, it may be necessary to run the material through the machine multiple times.
  • Note: The spring back of aluminum is also one of the reasons that affects the bending effect. PBA aluminum bending machine’s unique springback calculation compensation function allows you to easily bend aluminum window screen frames

The most difficult thing about aluminum bending is metal springback. The PBA series aluminum bending machine solves the springback problem with one click and achieves perfect bending.

Quality Assurance: Regularly verify the bent material against the specified standards to guarantee precision. Examine the material for any flaws or irregularities that might have arisen during the bending procedure.

Final Touches: After the bending operation is finished and the material complies with the necessary criteria, excess length can be cut off. If needed, further finishing procedures like deburring or surface treatment can be implemented on the bent frame material.

Construction: Construct the window screen frame by utilizing the bent frame material in conjunction with essential components like corner connectors and screen mesh.