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January 2018

Flange Bending Machine

Flange Roll Forming Machine

In the past 30 years, due to the rapid development of China’s economy, about 20% of the machines we produce are used for flange forming, especially large flange forming that is difficult to mass produce.

For example, W24S-400, the factory manager once released a video to promote its large flange, the excitement can be felt across the screen.

C steel channel bending machine

Channel Bending Machine

BIT series profile bending machines can be used as C steel channel bending machines. It should be pointed out that PBH-120, PBH-140 do not support the horizontal section bending of channel steel profiles (Hard-way bending).

I beam bending machine

Beam bending machine

The section bending machine specially customized by BIT needs the ninth group of hydraulic drive components for beam bending machine. Due to the rapid development of China’s basic engineering, BIT series profile bending machines are more widely used in steel beam bending, such as the application of Chongqing Metro, a key project in China.

angle roller

MS-50 Angle Roller

MS-50 is a small manual symmetrical profile bending machine. Can bend flat bar, angle, round bar, pipe (tube) and Tee profiles.

MSH-260 Angle Roller

MSH Semi-hydraulic Angle Roller

Semi-hydraulic angle roller is not a BIT PBH series product,it is half hydraulic type section bending machine(Half hydraulic tube bending machine).