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Beam Bending

Calculating Maximum Bending Stress in an H-Beam

Calculating Maximum Bending Stress in an H-Beam

Calculating the maximum bending stress in an H-beam is a fundamental aspect of structural engineering and design. It ensures that a beam can safely support the loads it will experience in real-world applications.

To perform this calculation, engineers and designers must first identify the location of the maximum bending moment, determine the distance to the neutral axis (c), and find the moment of inertia (I) of the beam’s cross-section.

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What is the maximum bending moment for an H beam?

To find the maximum bending moment, you would calculate the bending stress at different points along the beam’s span and identify the point where the bending stress is the highest.
The maximum allowable bending stress (usually based on the material’s yield strength) is used to determine the maximum bending moment the beam can withstand.

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Bending Universal Beam

Beams and wide flange are both bent by BIT series section bending machine, from the very small sizes to the very large sizes. Its ability to bend wide flange and I-beam the easy way (against the weak axis) and the hard way (against the strong axis).