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Functionality of Two-Roll Plate Rolling Machines

Two-roll plate rolling machines consist of two rolls, different from three-roll bending machines in that: three-roll machines have three rigid rolls made of metal. The two-roll machine has only one rigid roll, while the other is a flexible roll made of rubber. During operation, a servo motor drives the flexible roll to press against the rigid roll, causing the material to deform into the desired shape. Due to the use of the flexible roll, there is no wear on the surface of the plate, making it highly suitable for stainless steel materials.

How efficient are two-roll machines?

Two-roll machines are highly efficient because they use a flexible roll, eliminating the need for pre-bending the material or edge trimming. After eliminating these two steps, processing the plate with a two-roll machine is a one-time operation, and the processing speed depends only on the length of the plate, with the speed of the active roll being 1.33 meters per minute. For example, rolling a steel plate into a gas cylinder requires pre-bending, repeated rolling, edge trimming, shaping, and welding with a three-roll machine, taking about 7-8 minutes per piece; a two-roll machine only requires a single rolling operation before welding.

What shapes can your two-roll machine process?

Cylinders, custom cylinders, ellipses, cones, and all regular and custom circular shapes. Because the two-roll machine is a one-time forming machine, by applying different pressures to the workpiece during the process, we can produce cylindrical workpieces with any radius. Special-shaped two-roll machines can even achieve shapes with sharp angles, such as polygons, irregular polygons, or even mixed shapes. With different molds, we can produce workpieces with angles, arcs, and angles.

How thick of a plate can the two-roll machine roll?

A diameter of 180mm can roll a 3mm thick plate. The larger the diameter, the thicker the plate that can be rolled.

How does the lifespan of a two-roll machine compare to that of a three-roll machine?

The rigid parts of the two-roll bending machine are the same as those of the three-roll bending machine, but the structure is more streamlined, and first-class parts manufacturers provide us with the best part solutions. Therefore, the lifespan of the two-roll machine is longer than that of the three-roll machine. If the rubber roll wears out due to long-term operation, it can be removed and machined on a lathe, solving the problem.