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Rolling Machine Safety Precautions: 17 Safety Rules

Wearing Proper Apparel

Do not wear clothing, apparel, or jewelry that can become entangled in moving parts Always tie back or cover long hair. Wear non-slip footwear to avoid accidental slips, which could cause loss of workpiece control.

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Hazardous Dust

Dust created while using machinery may cause cancer birth defects, or long-term respirator/ damage. Be aware of dust hazards associated with each workpiece material, and always wear a NIOSH-approved respirator to reduce your risk.

Hearing Protection

Always wear hearing protection when operating or observing a loud steel plate bending machine. Extended exposure to this noise without hearing protection can cause permanent hearing loss.

Remove Adjusting Tools

Tools left on plate bending machines can become dangerous projectiles upon startup. Never leave chuck keys, wrenches, or any other tools on the plate bending machine. Always verify removal before starting!

Use the Correct Tool For The Job

Only use this tool for its intended purpose not force it or an attachment to do a job for which it was not! designed. Never make an unapproved modifications-modifying tool or use it differently than intended may result from a malfunction or mechanical failure that can lead to personal injury or death!

Awkward Positions

Keep proper footing and balance at all times when operating the CNC plate rolling machine. Do not overhead! Avoid awkward hand positions that make workpiece control difficult or increase the risk of accidental injury.

Children & Bystanders

Keep children and bystanders at a safe distance from the work area. Stop using the plate rolling machines if they become a distraction.

Guards & Covers

Guards and covers reduce accidental contact with moving pans or flying debris. Make sure they are properly installed, undamaged, and working correctly.

Forcing Machinery

Do not force the plate bending machine. It will do the job safer and better at the rate for which it was designed.

PR4 4 Roll Plate Rolling Machine

Never Stand On Plate Bending Machine

Serious injury may occur if the plate bending machine is tipped or if the cutting tool is unintentionally contacted

Stable Machine

Unexpected movement during operation rolling plate greatly increases the risk of injury w loss of control. Before starting, verify the plate bending machine is stable and that the mobile base (if used) is locked.

Use Recommended Accessories

Consult this owner’s manual or the manufacturer for recommended accessories. Using improper accessories writ increases the risk of serious Injury.

Unattended Operation

To reduce the risk of accidental injury, turn the machine OFF and ensure all moving parts completely stop before walking away. Never leave the plate rolling machine running when unattended.

Maintain With Care

Follow all maintenance instructions and lubrication schedules to keep the machine in good working condition. A plate bending machine that is improperly maintained could malfunction, reading to serious personal injury or death.

Check Damaged Parts

Regularly inspect the plate rolling machine for any condition that may affect safe operation. Immediately repair or replace damaged or misadjusted parts before operating the bending machine.

Maintain Power Cords

When disconnecting cord-connected sheet metal rolling machines from power, grab and pull the plug—NOT the cord. Pulling the cord may damage the wires inside. Do not handle the cord/plug with wet hands. Avoid cord damage by keeping it away from heated surfaces, high-traffic areas, harsh chemicals, and wet/damp locations.

Whole Plate Rolling Process of Wind Turbine Tower Rolling Machining【3 Roll Plate Rolling Machine】

Experiencing Difficulties

If at any time you experience difficulties performing the intended operation, stop using the plate bending machine! Contact our Technical Support.