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February 2024

Servo System of Aluminum Bending Machine

Tolerances for Aluminium Bending

The PBA aluminum profile bending machine caters to a diverse range of industries, including those demanding exceptionally tight tolerances in all components. Sectors such as Aviation, Automotive, Rail, and Medical are particularly stringent regarding tolerances.  Many clients specify their project tolerances.… Read More »Tolerances for Aluminium Bending

Stretch Forming Machine for Curtain Wall Profile Forming

Precision Techniques in Aluminium Curtain Wall Profile Forming

This article delves into the intricate processes involved in forming aluminium curtain wall profiles, essential components in modern architectural design.

It explores the challenges posed by the asymmetrical and lengthy nature of these profiles, as well as the specialized techniques employed to ensure precision and quality in their fabrication.

Horizontal Types of Aluminum Bending Machine

Aluminium Window Bending Solutions

With the ability to bend aluminium window profiles with both pre and post-powder coating, PBA aluminium bending machine solutions seamlessly integrate into any architectural vision, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Busbar Bending Machine

Busbar Bending Machine 101

The busbar bending equipment features a platform and three processing units for punching, cutting, and bending, providing versatility for all bending operations. Operators can use the machine to punch, cut, and bend copper or aluminum busbars separately or simultaneously.

Hot Plate Rolling

Unveiling the Power of Hot Plate Rolling

Hot plate rolling steps into the spotlight when the demands of a job surpass the capabilities of cold rolling machinery or when cold forming risks compromising the integrity of the material, particularly evident in high-carbon steels prone to fracturing during cold forming.