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December 2023

Channel Bending: Exploring the Significance of Channel Letter Bending in Signage

Bending 3003 Aluminum: Key Considerations for Optimal Tooling Selection

Selecting the appropriate tooling for bending 3003 aluminum is crucial to achieving precise bends while preserving the material’s integrity.

By considering factors such as die selection, material thickness, die width and angle, tool coating, die material, and maintenance, manufacturers can optimize the bending process and produce high-quality, accurately bent aluminum components.

induction bending

Unveiling the Variances Between Induction Bending and Mandrel Bending

Induction bending and mandrel bending stand as two distinct methods in the metal fabrication landscape, each offering unique advantages and catering to specific bending requirements.

While induction bending excels in flexibility and maintaining material properties with minimal distortion, mandrel bending provides precise control over bend angles and consistency.

stretch forming machine

PBF-80 Stretch Forming Machine

PBF-80 stretch forming machine’s capability to handle elongated workpieces and achieve small bending radii makes it a crucial tool for industries requiring

Section Bending Machine

Exploring the Limitations of Section Bending in Metal Fabrication

Section bending, while a versatile method for shaping metal sections, comes with inherent limitations that fabricators must consider.

Material properties, section complexity, bending radius constraints, equipment capacity, and the potential for deformation or springback all influence the feasibility and success of section bending.

stretch forming machine

Distinguishing Stretch Forming from Metal Spinning in Metalworking

Stretch forming and metal spinning stand as distinct methods in the metalworking industry, each offering unique advantages and catering to specific fabrication needs.

While stretch forming excels in creating complex and contoured components with precision, metal spinning is more suitable for producing symmetrical shapes with smooth surfaces.