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October 2023

bending rectangular tubing

How to bend aluminum tubing

Bending aluminum tubing can be done using various methods and tools, depending on the specific requirements of your project. Here’s a general guide on how to bend aluminum tubing:

Tools and Materials You’ll Need

Stretch Forming

Curvature Design Principles for Stretch Forming Workpieces

The key technology of the stretch bending forming process is that the arc design principle of the stretch bending workpiece is to not exceed the elongation rate of the material. During stretch forming, forming defects such as thinning of the profile wall thickness, fracture, wrinkling, and cross-sectional distortion will occur. These forming defects are related to Factors such as the mechanical properties, cross-sectional shape, and bending process parameters of the profile are closely related.

stretch forming square tube

Tube Bending: Draw Bending vs. Roll Bending

Steel tube bending often involves choosing between two distinct methods: draw bending and roll bending. Each approach is suited to specific applications, making it essential to select the right one based on your project’s requirements.

aluminum bending

Importance of Elongation in Aluminum Bending

When it comes to bending aluminum, elongation at break is a critical parameter that should not be overlooked. This mechanical property holds the key to the formability and ductility of the material, both of which are indispensable in bending processes.

Thickness and bending radius of aluminum profile bending

Thickness and bending radius of aluminum profile bending

Minimum Thickness: There is a minimum thickness that can be successfully bent without causing defects. Below this threshold, cracking or other forms of material failure may occur.

Minimum Bend Radius: The minimum bend radius is the smallest radius that the aluminum can be bent without causing cracking or excessive deformation. This value depends on the alloy, temper, and thickness of the material.

Stretch Forming of Stainless Steel: Wrinkles and Springback

Stretch Forming Aluminum Extrusions

Stretch forming aluminum extrusions is a metal forming process used to shape and contour aluminum extrusions, typically for applications that require complex and curved shapes.

Stretch forming aluminum extrusions involves elongating or stretching an aluminum extrusion over a die or a form block, allowing the material to conform to the desired shape without causing significant thinning or material loss.