How to choose the profile bending machine you need

section bending machine
section bending machine


To determine the proper profile bending machine, it is critical that yield strength, thickness, and diameter (or radius) of the profiles are all considered because for example, a higher yield or tighter diameter will require more pressure to form.

On the application side, you will need to know the minimum diameter of the profiles to be formed.

How to choose the profile bending machine you need
How to choose the profile bending machine you need

You also need to know whether to bend H & I-beam and horizontal bend channel or pipe, because this will determine the correct type , size  and mold of the profile bending machine.

One of the key decision-making factors you should consider is not only what type of plate bender will meet your current needs, but which could also satisfy future business needs.

3-roll or 4-roll?

Choosing from Hamlet is already a difficult problem.
But to choose between a 3-roller and a 4-roller profile bending machine, I recommend choosing a three-roller.

  1. For machines with the same section modulus bending capacity, the bending capacity of the four-roller is significantly lower than that of the three-roller
  2. The four-roll machine will increase the complexity of the operation
  3. When the mold of the three-roll machine is very precise, the bending accuracy is the same for both.
  4. The price of four rollers is also expensive

Pyramidal machines vs Single pinch machines vs Double-pinch machines

For the choice between these three, please read here:Pre-bending and bending process

Production cost: The double-pinch section bending machine is the most expensive structure because there are more movable parts and, therefore, more components. The pyramidal type and the single-pinch type have roughly the same production cost.

Flexibility: Double double-pinch profile bending machines are the most flexible. During operation, the position of the profile can be kept stable on the loading side of the machine, and the profile can be bent using rolls only on the opposite side. It can also be operated in this way in a single-pinch section bending machine, but cannot be operated in a pyramid section bending machine.

Therefore, although the pyramid type and single pinch type are cost-effective, they are more labor intensive than modern similar products in the production environment.

After reading this, I think you will make the right decision.


The machine in the photo above is a W24S-180 profile bending machine for pipe bending (we can also call it a pipe bending machine) customized for a Malaysian tower production company.

Profile bending roller bracket
Profile bending roller supports, each of our profile bending machines has three sets of strong roller sleeves. It makes us pay relatively more for the cost of a set of roller sleeves, but it will improve the accuracy and stability of the section bending process, which is a production cost worth paying.
BIT profile bending machine body internal support
Like all the profile bending machines we produce, there is a reinforced support hidden inside the fuselage, which provides reliable section bending stability during the bending process.
Profile bending machine hydraulic system
BIT profile bending machine equipped with 8 sets of hydraulic drive elements as standard (the ninth set can be customized for H-beam profiles bending). Compared with the popular 4 to 6 sets of hydraulic elements in the Chinese market, it makes bending more convenient and ensures the accuracy of section bending.
Combined die for BIT profile bending machine
The specially developed combination mould for profile bending allows customers to easily bend bars, angle, channel, H-beamsI-beam, square and rectangular metal tubes and tees without paying extra money. Note: The bending of circular pipes requires additional customized molds of corresponding dimensions.
auxiliary roller system
Up, down, left, right, front and back six directions can be controlled to move the auxiliary roller system

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