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Bending Carbon Steel


One of most commonly utilized materials is carbon steel, which is available in many grades to suit your unique project specifications.

Bending Carbon Steel Bar
Bending Carbon Steel Bar

Although Section bending machine many metals including aluminum, brass, copper, and other alloys, carbon steel bending is curved in higher volume than any other metal. Carbon steel comes in a wide variety of grades each with its special characteristics and mechanical properties. Some grades bend better than others; some are more easily machined; and some are more wear-resistant.


carbon steel bends in a variety of shapes including tubes, pipes, beams, bars, angles, channels, and other specialized shapes for many industries and applications:

Metal fabrication

Process equipment & storage tanks

Subsea & offshore equipment


Construction materials & architectural accents

Roofing supports

Commercial lighting

Boilers & HVAC


Aerospace products

Benefits of Carbon Steel for Bending

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Additional Advantages Of Carbon Steel For Pipe And Tube Bending Include:

High tensile & compressive strength

Impact resistance

Shock & vibration resistance

Range of diameters & wall sizes

Flexible machinability

Recyclability & eco-friendliness

Cost effectiveness

Versatility (pliable or strong, depending upon the grade)

Durability & longevity

Tube Bending Sizes

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