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Section Bending Aluminum

Titanium Tube Bending & Rolling

Benefits of Aluminum for Rolling & Bending

Aluminum is available in varying grades and tempers, and must undergo state-of-the-art processes to avoid cracking, work hardening, or collapsing at the bend. For your peace of mind, our team has specialized experience working with aluminum profiles in order to preserve their strength and appearance. After bending or rolling, each bent aluminum product goes through our stringent quality control process to assure its integrity.

Some types of aluminum are popular for decorative and ornamental use, while other alloyed grades deliver heavy-duty durability for industrial applications. Features and benefits of aluminum grades include:


Ductility & formability

Strength & fatigue resistance

High conductivity

Lightweight construction

Rust & corrosion resistance

Attractive design characteristics

Hygienic for food- and hospital-grade use

Sustainability & recyclability

Aluminum Bending & Rolling Applications


Condenser tubes & HVAC equipment

Transportation equipment


Food & pharmaceutical processing

Aerospace & aircraft manufacturing

Commercial lighting fixtures

Signage & displays