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Anti-cold bridge measures for building steel structure roofing project

How to solve the indoor color plate condensation?
Solution: make insulation layer, eliminate water vapor, and have no cold bridge indoors and outdoors

Anti-cold bridge
Anti-cold bridge

1, the cause of condensation is that the temperature of the plate is lower than the dew point (the temperature at which condensation occurs), and there is water vapor in the room.

The solution is to increase the insulation effect, so that the surface temperature difference between the board and the room temperature is generally within 3 degrees.

2, glass wool absorbs a lot of water, and the heat preservation effect is greatly reduced after water absorption.

It is recommended to use a vapor barrier (ie, reinforced aluminum foil or white polypropylene veneer, which is required to face the room) to prevent water vapor from entering the insulation layer. And increase the thickness of insulation, generally increased to 1.7 times.

3, increase ventilation: ventilation will reduce room temperature, reduce the temperature difference on the surface of the board, and reduce the relative humidity in the room.

4, the ceiling, forming the attic.

The air space itself is insulated and the attic can be ventilated separately.

5, Light steel structure metal roof roof dedicated power-free turbine ventilation ventilator and roof ventilator ventilator, one-time cost investment is high, energy consumption and maintenance cost in production and use is almost zero, design layout is reasonable to ensure the scope of the plant Good effect inside, but loss of indoor heat.

6, the metal roof is a single-layered plate under the steel mesh, glass wool with aluminum foil in the middle (hereinafter referred to as a single), or double-layer steel plate with a glass wool (hereinafter referred to as double) two practices.

Both approaches must be noted:

(1), glass wool with single-sided aluminum foil, must be paid attention to ensure that it is continuously leaked or broken to eliminate the cold bridge when installing the whole roof. Aluminum foil tape is used to connect the joint to ensure steam tightness.

(2) Metal roofing method When paying the steel mesh, pay attention to the tension of the steel mesh to ensure proper suspension between adjacent beams.

Just in case, pour the nail plate directly above the production line to prevent condensation from dripping into the production line. The metal roofing method must pay attention to the indoor roof panels should be laid in the order from the ridge to the eaves, and the trench design should consider the corresponding condensate structure.

For light steel structure workshops with large evaporation in production, it is important to prevent condensation. It may happen that the glass wool is multiplied by the condensed water, and the condensed water drops into the production line, causing the equipment and products to be fouled, and the indoor environment is deteriorated.