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Matters to be known before using angle bending machines

how to bend angle iron

Angle roller

Angle roll machine (also called angle roller) can complete the pre-bending, circle rolling, and circle calibration process of profiles by one-time feeding; Profile bending machine has advanced structure and full functions and can be placed upright or horizontal according to the user’s use. The structure of the angle roll is an arc downward adjusting structure, the upper roller shaft is fixed, and the two lower roller shafts arc up and down relative to the upper roller shaft around a middle shaft. Its main function is to pre-bend the end of the profile and bend the profile. At the same time, the two lower roller shafts are also the main drive shaft, driven by hydraulic motor, so that the bending deformation of profile coil. Forming.

5 Key Points Every Angle Roller Operator Must Know

After installing the bending machine, we should understand the following items before using the bending machine formally.

  1. Check whether the protective device on the bending machine is intact. If it is not installed, it will not be allowed to drive. The section bending machine should have good grounding and electrical insulation and the voltage should be stable.
  2. Check the lubrication parts of the profiles bending machine. When there is no oil, add enough oil. Then turn on the power switch and the oil pressure switch of the profiles bender, and then turn on the manual automatic switch.
  3. When an empty car trial is run, check whether the mechanical operation is normal and whether the electrical switch is sensitive and easy to use. After everything is normal, work is done again.
  4. After the first bending action of the angle roll machine is completed, the operator of the stretching bending machine takes out the bent pipe fittings with his left hand or right hand and then uses his foot to step on the start switch to return the machine to its original position.
  5. When the die breaks down during the operation of the angle roll, the production shall be stopped immediately, and the electromechanical cadres or technicians shall be notified. After discharging the breakdown, the machine can be started and the production can be continued, and the power supply shall be closed after the work is finished.


Before using an angle roll machine  every day, we must pay attention to whether there are some damages such as core shaft, block, turntable, protective shield, etc. weaker place, make sure that the detection is correct, after the operation of the machine preheated to determine normal after the start of operation. When the angle bending machine is used, it is strictly prohibited to process the diameter, quantity and working speed of the steel bar which exceeds the mechanical stipulation.

angle bending machine  is a special high-efficiency processing equipment for bending angle steel, channel steel, I-beam steel, flat steel, square pipe, circular pipe and other profiles. It can complete the end pre-bending of various profiles, roll round and arc workpieces. It is widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, hydropower, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, steel bonding. Construction and other industries.