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Pipe Rolling

bending rectangular tubing

How to bend aluminum tubing

Bending aluminum tubing can be done using various methods and tools, depending on the specific requirements of your project. Here’s a general guide on how to bend aluminum tubing:

Tools and Materials You’ll Need

stretch forming square tube

Tube Bending: Draw Bending vs. Roll Bending

Steel tube bending often involves choosing between two distinct methods: draw bending and roll bending. Each approach is suited to specific applications, making it essential to select the right one based on your project’s requirements.

rolling pipe bending machine

How To Avoid Corrugation On The Surface Of The Bent Pipe

Pipe bending techniques include, first, looking at the inside and outside bend radii of the task – this will help identify the best machine and tooling to successfully bend pipe. If the pipe requires a tight bend radius, usually with a radius from 1 to 8 times the diameter of the pipe, then a heat induction, rotary draw, or push bending operation with a die matching the shape and size of the pipe should be used. These methods offer the most support.

Profile bending machine bending tubes

Bending stainless steel tube technology in profile bending

Bending stainless steel pipe/tube is a process that can be used to shape stainless steel pipe into many useful configurations.
The difficulty of bending a section of pipe depends on the thickness of the pipe.
Although thick-walled pipe requires more force to bend, it is less likely to fail during the bending process than thin-walled materials.
Pipes of different sizes need their own set of molds.


square tube bending machine

BIT’s special square tube rolling machine (Tube roller bender) has a combined profile section bending die, which can easily bend square tubes of any material.

Pipe Bending Machine

Cold Pipe Bending Machine and Pipe Roll Machine

The BIT series profile bending machine (pipe bending machine) allow the best profile feeding and the highest driving torque of any competitive machine. A winning combination for those looking for performance of the highest level.

From the tightest bend to the broadest, BIT serise pipe bending machines’s bending processes produce little to no distortion or ovality.It work with almost all grades of carbon steel pipe and aluminum pipe. We can bend full and half pipe with equal quality and precision.