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Bending Steel Square Bar

Square bars can only be bent as one style (i.e. there is no strong axis or weak axis to bend against). BIT Series Profile Bending Machine can ability to bend all mill produces sizes of square and round bars.

PBH Profile Bending Machine for Square Bar Rolling

Roll bending steel square bars can be achieved through two primary methods: normal roll bending and diagonal roll bending.

Normal Roll Bending

Bar Bending
Bar Bending

Orientation: Normal roll bending involves passing the square bar through rolling machines with rollers or dies oriented in a conventional or straight manner, aligned with the square bar’s flat edges.
Outcome: The result of normal roll bending is a square bar that is curved or rolled along its original square orientation, without introducing diagonal or angular bends.
Applications: This method is used for various applications, both structural and decorative, where a smoothly curved or rolled profile is desired. It is suitable for elements like frames, arches, and other components.
Uniform Curvature: Normal roll bending ensures a uniform curvature along the square bar’s length, making it suitable for structural and manufacturing applications.

Diagonal Roll Bending Process

bending square bar
bending square bar
  • Orientation: Instead of roll-bending square bars along their flat edges (horizontally or vertically), diagonal rolling involves positioning the square bars at an angle, typically 45 degrees or another specific angle.
  • Equipment: The process requires specialized rolling machines or PBH section bending machines capable of handling square bar stock at an angle.
  • Gradual Curvature: The square bars are gradually bent along the diagonal plane, creating a continuous curve or diagonal profile.


  • Decorative and Architectural Metalwork: Diagonal rolling is often used in architectural and ornamental metalwork to create unique and eye-catching designs. For example, diagonal curves in railings, gates, and grilles can enhance aesthetics.
  • Custom Shapes: It allows for the creation of custom shapes and patterns that are not achievable with straight square bars.
  • Artistic Elements: Diagonal rolling adds an artistic and creative dimension to metalwork, making it a preferred technique for designers and metal craftsmen.


The choice of materials for diagonal rolling depends on the project requirements and can include mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or other suitable metals.

  • Design Freedom: Diagonal rolling provides design flexibility, allowing for the realization of complex and artistic designs.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The diagonal curvature of square bars adds visual interest and uniqueness to the finished metalwork.
  • Structural Integrity: Properly executed diagonal rolling maintains the structural integrity and strength of the square bars.


  • Uniform Curvature: Rolling ensures that the square bars maintain a uniform curvature along their length.
  • Material Efficiency: Compared to other methods like cutting and welding, rolling minimizes material waste.
  • Strength Retention: The strength and structural integrity of the square bars are preserved during the rolling process.
  • Versatility: Square bars can be rolled in various directions and radii to meet specific project requirements.

In summary, rolling steel square bars is a versatile metalworking process used in structural and decorative applications. It allows for the creation of custom profiles, offers material efficiency, and maintains the strength and integrity of the bars. Whether for structural components or ornamental elements, rolling square bars provides design flexibility and quality results.

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