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Used in the automotive industry, aerospace, rail transit, escalators, doors and windows, curtain walls, decoration engineering, lighting, and various non-standard metal profile bending.

Aluminum profile bending machine for 3D roll bending tubing profiles

Advantages of 3D CNC aluminum profile bending machine

  • Independent core operating system, unique core algorithm, big data processing, data graphics, digitization, seamless docking with office systems;
  • The real CNC control system can produce motion trajectory data only by importing CAD drawings, inserting straight materials, and processing and shaping according to the given graphics, which completely solves the dependence on skilled workers;
  • Adopt advanced large thrust, high precision hydraulic closed-loop control system, repeat positioning accuracy can reach below 0.01mm;
  • Exquisite mold design technology can perfectly solve the product quality problems such as wrinkles, scratches, distortions, and indentation, and meet your high-quality requirements for products;
  • With advanced material rebound rate measurement function, the equipment automatically corrects the processing data according to the measurement results, avoiding the problem of material rebound affecting the processing size.

3D bending aluminum profile workpiece photo

It can bend various shapes (including C-shaped, U-shaped, full circle, ellipse, a combination of multiple radii, etc.). It is a piece of ideal equipment for professional bending companies.

Video of bending T6 aluminum profile by PBA 600+ CNC aluminum profile bending machine


Voltage:380V 50HZ/60HZ
Roller speed:1-15 rpm
Repeated positioning accuracy of Z-axis push rod:≤0.01mm
Spindle diameter:80mm
Axial spacing:370-1200mm
Y-axis push rod thrust:30 tons
Repeated positioning accuracy of Y-axis push rod:≤0.01mm
Maximum torque of X axis:6000 N.m
Minimum processing radius:100mm
Machinable profile:Maximum width 200mm
Maximum axial height 250mm
External dimensions of the host:1800mm*1600mm*1600mm
Weight of the whole machine: 2000kg

eature Of PBA 600 3D CNC Aluminum Profile Bending Machine

  • The equipment is equipped with 3 driving rollers, all of which are active work rollers. This prevents the profile from slipping in the rollers.
  • The hydraulic pressure can reach 30 tons, which can easily bend various aluminum profiles.
  • All products can be bent and formed at one time, with high efficiency and no wear; they can also be bent and formed as many times as needed
  • The three sets of rollers are all controlled by CNC numerical control devices, which move smoothly and can be accurately positioned.
    Positioning accuracy: +/-0.02mm.
  • The fixed work roll spacing can be adjusted in different positions according to user needs, that is, the positions of the two rolls can be adjusted to different spacings.
  • It has the function of intelligent calculation and compensation of material rebound amount. For the same radius bend, the device can automatically calculate the amount of springback. In this way, it is unnecessary to waste too much material and time when bending different arcs.
  • The device can store a certain amount of programs (depending on the memory space), and enter as detailed information as possible in the program for easy and easy identification the next time you use it
  • Can bend various aluminum profiles (ordinary aluminum, broken bridge aluminum, aluminum-plastic aluminum, aluminum-plastic) and rectangular steel pipes, etc.
  • The equipment adopts horizontally placed profiles that can adapt to different sizes and weights.
  • It can be controlled manually or automatically, and the operation is flexible.
  • A variety of different feed speeds can be set in each program step, which greatly improves the quality of the workpiece and meets the productivity requirements.
w24s profile bending machine

All PBH series section bending machines are driven by a hydraulic motor (up to 9), with powerful bending ability. Standard machine section modulus: 16CM3-600CM3. Can bend various types of materials into an arc or a circle. It can bend copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum profiles.
Angle, channel, beam, flat bar, round & square bar, pipe, square tube.

aluminum profile bending machine

CNC aluminum profile bending machine
CNC control. Accuracy is as high as ≤0.01mm. 
Can be bent in various shapes (3-D graphics, C-shaped, U-shaped, full circle, ellipse, multiple radii combination shapes, etc.)
Suitable for bending aluminum profiles for automobiles, doors, and windows

cold pipe rolling machine

High-performance cold pipe bending machine, CNC control, multiple programs, multiple angle settings, simpler operation, and program settings.
It is widely used and can be used in mass-produced or standardized products, such as exhaust pipes, seats, bumpers, and all steel furniture.

profile bending

Section bending methods of metal profiles and the corresponding bending capabRecommendations for bending processes and bending machines for metal profile sections.