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The PBA-300F CNC profile bending machine is suitable for processing different cross-section profiles. The PBA-300F CNC section bending machine has 5 sets of rollers, of which 4 sets of rollers are feeding rollers, and 1 set of rollers is feed rollers.

About the PBA-300F CNC profile bending machine

The PBA-300F CNC profile bending machine is suitable for processing different cross-section profiles. The PBA-300F CNC section bending machine has 5 sets of rollers, of which 4 sets of rollers are feeding rollers, and 1 set of rollers is feed rollers.

CNC profile bending machine
CNC profile bending machine

All Driven by servo motor; through rollers matching the profile section, the feed of the rollers at the discharge end is automatically adjusted, so that the workpiece is formed to the required radius one by one.

The length of the feed is collected by an encoder, photoelectric positioning, and the rotation and feed of the roller are controlled by the program controller.

At the same time, the feed of the roller at the discharge end and the displacement of the processed workpiece adopt a fully closed-loop CNC AC servo control system. The linear interpolation function can be realized to meet the high-precision requirements of machining variable curvature arcs.

PBA-300F CNC profile bending machine structure and advantages

Axle seat slide:

The steel plate is quenched and tempered, and each surface is ground. After the combination, the upper and lower surfaces are ground, and the surface is electroplated with hard chromium.
The structure has high strength, good structural stability, and can withstand particularly large tensile forces.
The minimum spindle spacing is 100mm, and the minimum bending radius is 60mm

X-axis rotation transmission mechanism:

The secondary reducer is driven by the CNC servo motor, and the reducer drives the mold spindle to rotate through the universal drive shaft and the timing belt
With relatively large driving torque, it is suitable for bending various cross-section profiles.

Y-axis propulsion mechanism:

Structure: The special speed reducer is driven by the CNC servo motor, and the special speed reducer drives the linearly movable speed reducer to realize the precise positioning of the intermediate spindle.
Advantages: The positioning accuracy (≤0.01mm) can be ensured when the spindle is moving forward and backward, and it is suitable for difficult variable-curvature arc machining.
The operation screen can be slid and rotated left and right (patent number: 2016+20865768.X), which facilitates the observation of the feeding and discharging process while operating.
The appearance of the machine is beautiful, the surface of the frame and the guard plate is pickled, phosphate, and electrostatic sprayed;

Software function

  • The profile is bent and formed at one time;
  • Bendable shapes: C shape, U shape, 3R shape, multi-segment arc program (two-dimensional variable curvature), etc.
  • Automatic calculation function of the rebound amount of the profile (the bending radius of the first profile is inaccurate, and the second profile can be bent accurately according to the calculation result)
  • Auxiliary calculation: knowing the chord length and chord height, the radius and arc length can be obtained
  • Self-diagnosis function: equipment failure can judge the quality of components
  • Manual adjustment function: inaccurate size arc can be corrected by manual function
  • The interface has the ability to switch between Chinese and English, and provide prompts and alarm information;

Components and specifications


Voltage:220V 50HZ
Roller speed:1-30 rpm
Maximum diameter of mold:160mm
Roller diameter:30mm
Axis distance:100mm
Y-axis push rod thrust:12 tons
Repeated positioning accuracy of Y-axis push rod:≤0.01mm
Maximum torque of X axis:1200 N.m
Minimum processing radius:60mm
Machinable profile:Maximum width 50mm
Maximum axial height 70mm
External dimensions of the host:1200mm*800mm*1300mm
Weight of the whole machine: 600kg
specification of PBA-300F cnc aluminum profile bending machine

Main Components

Component nameSpecification
Control system: Japanese “Panasonic Panasonic” program controller
Operation screen:Taiwan “Weinen” 10-inch touch color screen
AC servo system:Hangzhou Mige “MIGE” servo driver and servo motor.
Low-voltage electrical components:French “Schneider”
Position detection switch:French “Schneider”
Deceleration device:Zhejiang “Subo Leier” brand reducer
Encoder:Wuxi “Temple TEP”, is equipped with an anti-interference module, with good arc repeatability.
Grating ruler:anti-interference module, and has good arc repeatabilityGuangzhou “SINO” adopts a dual-drive grating ruler, equipped with
Main Components Of PBA-300F CNC Aluminum Profile Bending Machine
w24s profile bending machine

All PBH series section bending machines are driven by a hydraulic motor (up to 9), with powerful bending ability. Standard machine section modulus: 16CM3-600CM3. Can bend various types of materials into an arc or a circle. It can bend copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum profiles.
Angle, channel, beam, flat bar, round & square bar, pipe, square tube.

aluminum profile bending machine

CNC aluminum profile bending machine
CNC control. Accuracy is as high as ≤0.01mm. 
Can be bent in various shapes (3-D graphics, C-shaped, U-shaped, full circle, ellipse, multiple radii combination shapes, etc.)
Suitable for bending aluminum profiles for automobiles, doors, and windows

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Section bending methods of metal profiles and the corresponding bending capabRecommendations for bending processes and bending machines for metal profile sections.

CNC profile bending machine