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March 2024

Aluminum Bending Machine

The spraying process of aluminum veneer surface

As a general guideline, standard profile bending machines can typically handle most aluminum alloys up to about 1/8 inch (3.175 mm) in thickness.

However, it’s essential to consider the specific alloy, temper, and bending requirements to ensure a successful and defect-free bending process. Additionally, consulting with material suppliers and adhering to industry best practices is advisable to achieve desired results in aluminum bending applications.

Top 7 steps for wind tower manufacturing process

The entire process of wind tower manufacturing

From cutting steel plates to the final installation of internal components, crafting wind turbine towers demands precision, expertise, and attention to detail. As these towers stand tall on the horizon, they symbolize not just the promise of renewable energy but also the dedication of countless individuals behind their meticulous construction. With each tower erected, we take another step towards a sustainable future powered by the relentless force of the wind.