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January 2024

3 roll bending machine

Wind Tower Fabrication Process and Quality Control

With the continuous development of wind turbine tower manufacturing technology, quality control of tower manufacturing technology is crucial.

This article has analyzed the manufacturing process of tower sections and considered how to effectively control their production quality. It is hoped that this will improve the economic benefits of wind power generation and promote the development of wind power generation.

Busbar Bending

Guidelines for Copper Busbar Selection in Bus Ducts and Bending Dimension Calculation Methods

Copper busbars, also known as copper bus, copper busbar, copper busbar, etc., are used as conductive materials in high and low voltage electrical appliances, distribution equipment, bus ducts, distribution cabinets/boxes, etc., playing a role in current transmission and electrical equipment… Read More »Guidelines for Copper Busbar Selection in Bus Ducts and Bending Dimension Calculation Methods

helical spiral bending

Exploring Minimum Bending Radii and Tolerances in Metal Fabrication: A Comprehensive Guide

In conclusion, minimum bending radii and tolerances are critical parameters that govern the feasibility and accuracy of metal bending operations. By understanding the factors influencing these parameters and leveraging advancements in profile bending techniques and technologies, metal fabricators can achieve precise and high-quality bends across a wide range of metal sections and profiles.

CNC Machining Processes

Analysis of Challenges in Stainless Steel Material Processing

In stainless steel parts processing technology, careful consideration of tool material selection, geometric parameter design, cutting fluid choice, and cutting parameter optimization is crucial.

Utilizing tools made of carbide or ceramic materials with optimized cutting parameters can significantly improve tool life, reduce downtime, enhance productivity, and lower production costs in drilling, reaming, and boring operations on stainless steel components.

Quality Control Measures in the Manufacturing Process of Pressure Vessels

Quality Control Measures in the Manufacturing Process of Pressure Vessels

The manufacture of pressure vessels is a complex production process. Irregularities or deficiencies in any part of the process can have an impact on the quality of pressure vessels.

Therefore, during the manufacturing process, it is crucial to strictly adhere to quality control requirements and fully utilize the role of quality management measures.

PRT 3-Roll Bending Machine

Overview and Features of PBT Plate Bending Machine

PBT plate bending machine represents a fusion of Japanese technology and domestic practicality, delivering exceptional performance in the realm of plate bending.

With its hydraulic upper roller design, this machine seamlessly executes processes such as pre-bending, rolling, and correcting of various steel plates at room temperature. The utilization of advanced components, including an industrial touchscreen integrated with a PLC, ensures optimal functionality and real-time monitoring for precise synchronization accuracy.

Furthermore, the machine’s high-quality electrical and hydraulic components contribute to its smooth operation, reliability, and low failure rate. Combined with technical features such as crown upper roller support and rear bending techniques, the PBT plate bending machine offers superior precision and versatility, making it a valuable asset in the fabrication industry.