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Section bender

Special aluminum profile bending machine

PBA-600 CNC Aluminium arch Bending Machine

PBA-600 CNC profile bending machine
PBA-600 CNC profile bending machine is mainly used for the bending of special aluminium profiles, aluminum-plastic aluminum profiles, various special-shaped aluminum profiles, stainless steel profiles, rectangular steel pipes, etc., and can bend various shapes (C-shaped, U-shaped, full circle) Shape, ellipse, combination of multiple radii, etc.), large cross-section, small radius aluminum profile can be rolled and formed at one time. It is an ideal processing equipment for the arc bending process of decoration enterprises and aluminum doors, windows and curtain wall enterprises.

CNC section bending machine

PBA-500 CNC Aluminum Window Frame Bending

The PBA-500 CNC profile bending machine is suitable for processing different cross-section profiles. The PBA-500 CNC profile bending machine has 3 sets of rollers and photoelectric positioning;

CNC profile bending machine

PBA-300F CNC Aluminum Profile Bending Machine

PBA-300F CNC profile bending machine is a metal profile cold bending machine, with 5 sets of rollers, of which 4 sets of rollers are feeding rollers, and 1 set of rollers is feed rollers, all driven by servo motors

W24S-140 profile bending machine

Video of bending angle by profile bending machine

In the video, we conducted angle iron bending tests according to customer requirements.

Angle iron is one of the more relaxed capabilities in the bending capacity of the profile bending machine, and it is also more widely used. At this time, we can also call it an angle bending machine.