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flat bar bending machine

Bending flat bars the easy way (y-y axis) creates a belt-like shape; bending flat bars “the hard way” (x-x axis) creates what looks like a giant metal washer.

In China, bent flat bars “the hard way” (x-x axis) is usually to make flanges.

bending flat bar

Flat bar bending process

How to bending the steel or aluminum flat bar? Video will let you know everything.

PBH flat bar bender can bend steel flat bar. B-CNC series aluminum bending machine can bending aluminum flat bar.

Flange bending machine

Hydraulic flat bar bending machine

Many customers refer to the flat bar bending machine as a flat bar rolling machine. Somebody also called flat bar bender or flat bar roller.

Many Chinese customers refer to the flat steel bending machine as a flange roll forming machine. For BIT, it is just an ordinary section bending machine for bending flat steel.

Sturdy body and strong section bending ability, BIT section bending machine can bend higher strength stainless steel bar like flat iron bar.

Flange Bending Machine

Flange Roll Forming Machine

In the past 30 years, due to the rapid development of China’s economy, about 20% of the machines we produce are used for flange forming, especially large flange forming that is difficult to mass produce.

For example, W24S-400, the factory manager once released a video to promote its large flange, the excitement can be felt across the screen.