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Cold Bending

According to the characteristics of processing technology, cold bending is divided into press bending, roll bending and stretch bending.

cold roll orming machine

Roll Forming Process: 4 Types, Top 11 Design Guide

old roll forming is a kind of cold bending processing, it is an efficient, effective shaping that delivers tight tolerances on complex profiles. It is the process of gradually bending a flat strip or coil of metal into a longitudinal, uniform profile. To get the desired shape, the operator passes the workpieces through a series of mated tool dies.

Cold roll forming is a cold forming process that doesn’t require heating up the metal. High-temperature, specialized equipment isn’t necessary to produce cold rolled shapes.

Four-roller plate bending machine

Plate bending: plate roll forming process

Roll forming is a method in which the sheet material is placed in 2-4 rollers of the plate bending machine, and the sheet material is bent and formed along the roller as the roller rotates.