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Aluminum Profile Rolling Machine

CNC section bending machine

PBA-500 CNC Aluminum Window Frame Bending

The PBA-500 CNC profile bending machine is suitable for processing different cross-section profiles. The PBA-500 CNC profile bending machine has 3 sets of rollers and photoelectric positioning;

CNC profile bending machine

PBA-300F CNC Aluminum Profile Bending Machine

PBA-300F CNC profile bending machine is a metal profile cold bending machine, with 5 sets of rollers, of which 4 sets of rollers are feeding rollers, and 1 set of rollers is feed rollers, all driven by servo motors

Bending Aluminum Tubing

Bending Aluminum Tubing

Profile bending machine can bend most all aluminum structural shapes. Structural shapes can be rolled in to rings for many uses, the corrosion resistance as well as its strength-to-weight ratio make aluminum rings very useful.
Many sports and entertainment arenas use curved aluminum for its light weight and strength when making curved supports for overhead signage, display boards, and monitors.