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Aluminum Bending

aluminum bending

How to bending aluminum without cracking it?

Aluminum breaking after bending can be a significant issue in various applications: The aluminum sheet or aluminum extrusion is easy to break after bending, or it will crack after anodizing bending. Many aluminum alloy processing companies are confused about this. Understanding the main reasons for this problem and implementing preventive measures is essential for achieving successful aluminum bending without failures. So, how to bend aluminum without breaking it? 9 main reasons and 6 tips for preventive measures for aluminum to break after bending.

Bending Aluminum Tubing

Bending Aluminum Tubing

Profile bending machine can bend most all aluminum structural shapes. Structural shapes can be rolled in to rings for many uses, the corrosion resistance as well as its strength-to-weight ratio make aluminum rings very useful.
Many sports and entertainment arenas use curved aluminum for its light weight and strength when making curved supports for overhead signage, display boards, and monitors.

bending aluminum square tubing

Section bending machine can bend all types of pipe and tubing including aluminum, stainless and carbon steel. It even bend specialty materials such as copper, zirconium and titanium.