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PBF-30-50 Stretch Forming Machine

PBF-30-50 Stretch Forming Machine
How to bend aluminum tubing (Stretch forming and other 3 methods)

The PBF-30-50 Stretch Forming Machine, featuring a singular stretching cylinder with a maximum pulling force of 30 tons, serves as a versatile solution across a multitude of industries. Its widespread application spans various sectors, including aluminum alloy doors and windows, automotive manufacturing, aerospace, high-speed rail, wind power generation, maritime vessels, architectural curtain walls, bridges, and the bending of diverse non-standard metal profiles.

In the realm of aluminum alloy doors and windows, the machine’s substantial pulling force ensures precise shaping, contributing to the creation of durable and aesthetically pleasing structures. In automotive manufacturing, it plays a crucial role in shaping components pivotal for vehicle construction.

The aerospace industry benefits significantly from this force, enabling the fabrication of intricate and specialized parts essential for aircraft and spacecraft. Moreover, in high-speed rail and wind power generation, the machine assists in manufacturing components that require precision and strength for optimal performance.

For maritime applications, the stretching cylinder’s force aids in shaping ship components, while in architectural projects such as curtain walls, bridges, and the bending of various non-standard metal profiles, it facilitates meeting design specifications with accuracy.

The PBF-30-50 Stretch Forming Machine’s ability to exert a 30-ton pulling force proves instrumental across diverse industries, providing the necessary strength and precision to shape various materials. Its versatility and reliability make it an indispensable tool in manufacturing and construction processes within these industries.

Main Parameters

Length of stretchable1000~5000mmWith both ends
Max pulling force of a single stretch cylinder300KN 
Horizontal rotation angle of stretch cylinder≥35° 
Main oil pump nominal25+10 ml/rTwo plunger pumps, one for MCY: one for YCY
Hydraulic system max pressure25MpaMeet the range of processing requirements
Total motor power11+5.5KWTwo motors, 4 levels
Bending min radiusR400mmMeet the range of processing requirements
Max angle of single-arm rotation95° 
Max distance between the end of the two chucks5000mmMeet the range of processing requirements
Min distance between the end of the two chucks1000mmMeet the range of processing requirements
Chuck clamping max sizeCustomized 
Control the number of cylinders6 
Motor drive screw travel stroke1000mAdjust the position of the stretching cylinder to ensure the effective control of the length of the stretched and bent material.
Bend angle180°Meet the range of processing requirements
Stretching cylinderD168/d80Meet the range of processing requirements
Bending cylinderD150/d63Meet the range of processing requirements
Collet cylinderD108/d40Meet the range of processing requirements
PLC controlSiemens 
Touch monitorWeilonProgrammable, store repeat operation.
Power supply  380V(AC)±15%  50HZCustomized
Ambient temperature -15℃ ~ 45℃ 
Expand Size  length x width x height11m×(4.6m+1.6m)6.0m×1.4m 
Workbenchlength x width 6.0(0.8+1.0+2.4+1.0+0.8)m×1.8m

Top 9 Featuers

  1. Self-learning CNC programs that autonomously generate mold parameters and operating data without the need for manual consideration;
  2. Each axis is servo-controlled, enabling precise real-time control of stretching force and displacement. Stretching can be performed in either tension mode or displacement mode;
  3. A true CNC control system that automatically detects the material’s yield limit, effectively reducing metal springback and ensuring product consistency by pre-stretching materials to their yield limits. This stabilizes the quality of the bent products, maintaining consistent accuracy;
  4. User-friendly control system that is flexible, simple, intuitive, and easy to understand and operate. It resolves dependency on skilled technical workers;
  5. Thoughtfully designed compact structure that seamlessly combines mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic components. Reliable parts and assembly standards alleviate concerns about equipment maintenance;
  6. Utilization of advanced hydraulic servo technology for automatic tension adjustment, minimizing temperature and noise, resulting in high energy efficiency;
  7. Operating system equipped with remote diagnostic capabilities, allowing remote monitoring of machine functions through Ethernet connections;
  8. Incorporates nationally recognized inventions and cutting-edge core algorithms, offering a wealth of bending processing parameters to ensure worry-free production of top-quality products;
  9. Centralized control circuits prolong the lifespan of various mechanical drive components, ensuring smoother machine operation.