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PBF-15-03 Stretch Forming Machine

The PBF-15-03 Stretch Forming Machine is a 15-ton semi-automatic stretch forming machine designed for various industrial applications. Operating as a dual-arm structure, this machine offers versatility and precision in its stretch forming capabilities.

stretch forming machine
stretch forming machine – PBF-15-03 Stretch Forming Machine

With a bending length range from 0.4 to 3 meters and a maximum pulling force of 15 tons, it accommodates a wide spectrum of material sizes and shapes. The clamp dimensions measure 80 by 90 millimeters, ensuring a secure grip on materials during the forming process.

One of its key features is the semi-automatic control system, allowing for efficient and partially automated operations. Equipped with a powerful 11.5KW motor, this machine provides ample force and control required for stretch forming applications.

Primarily utilized in industries such as shower room material production, automotive luggage rack manufacturing, and other specialized small cross-section materials, the PBF-15-03 Stretch Forming Machine showcases adaptability across various sectors. Its ability to handle specific material types and smaller cross-sections makes it a versatile and reliable tool for shaping materials used in specific applications. With its range of capabilities and semi-automatic operation, this machine stands as a valuable asset in industries requiring precision and efficiency in stretch forming processes.

Main Parameters

Length of stretchable400~3000mmWith both ends
Max pulling force of a single stretch cylinder150KN 
Horizontal rotation angle of stretch cylinder≥35° 
Main oil pump nominalTwo plunger pumps, one for MCY: one for YCY
Hydraulic system max pressure25MpaMeet the range of processing requirements
Total motor power5.5+6.5KWTwo motors, 4 levels, 1480Rpm
Bending min radiusR250mmMeet the range of processing requirements
Max angle of single-arm rotation95° 
Max distance between the end of the two chucks3000mmMeet the range of processing requirements
Min distance between the end of the two chucks400mmMeet the range of processing requirements
Chuck clamping max sizeCustomized 
Control the number of cylinders6 
Motor drive screw travel stroke400mAdjust the position of the stretching cylinder to ensure the effective control of the length of the stretched and bent material.
Bend angle180°Meet the range of processing requirements
Stretching cylinderMeet the range of processing requirements
Bending cylinderMeet the range of processing requirements
Collet cylinderMeet the range of processing requirements
PLC controlSiemens 
Touch monitorWeilonProgrammable, store repeat operation.
Power supply  380V(AC)±15%  50HZCustomized
Ambient temperature -15℃ ~ 45℃ 

Stretch Forming Machine: Precision in Shower Room Material Production

The Stretch Forming Machine plays a pivotal role in industries, particularly in the production of shower room materials. Its versatile functionality and precision make it an invaluable asset in shaping materials destined for shower room components.

With a specialized focus on small cross-section materials, the PBF-15 stretch forming machine excels in forming and shaping materials used specifically in shower room manufacturing. Its capability to handle various materials with precision, coupled with semi-automatic controls, ensures efficient and accurate production processes.

By utilizing the stretch forming machine, manufacturers can precisely shape materials like aluminum or specialized alloys used for shower enclosures, frames, and other components. The machine’s ability to cater to specific cross-sections and sizes ensures the creation of components that meet stringent quality standards in the shower room industry.

This stretch forming machine streamlines the manufacturing process, providing the necessary force and control required to shape materials into the desired configurations for shower room applications. Its adaptability and accuracy in handling materials contribute significantly to the production of high-quality and precisely formed parts, meeting the demands of the shower room material industry efficiently and effectively.