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Stretch Forming Machine

stretch forming maching

Stretch Forming Machine for Bumper Beam

PBF Stretch Forming Machine for Bumper Beams is a specialized manufacturing tool designed for shaping and forming the structural components of automotive bumpers. PBF stretch bending machine utilizes a stretching process to shape metal sheets into the desired contours and profiles required for bumper beams.

The PBF Stretch Forming Machine accommodates various sizes and materials used in bumper beam production, offering flexibility in manufacturing. The PBF stretch forming process enhances the structural integrity and design precision of bumper beams, crucial components for vehicle safety.

stretch forming machine

PBF-60 Stretch Forming Machine

The PBF-60-70 Stretch Forming Machine offers an impressive maximum pulling force of 60 tons.

It excels in achieving a minimum bending radius of 750mm, demonstrating its adaptability and precision.

stretch forming machine

PBF-80 Stretch Forming Machine

PBF-80 stretch forming machine’s capability to handle elongated workpieces and achieve small bending radii makes it a crucial tool for industries requiring

PBF-30-50 Stretch Forming Machine

PBF-30-50 Stretch Forming Machine

The PBF-30-50 Stretch Forming Machine’s ability to exert a 30-ton pulling force proves instrumental across diverse industries, providing the necessary strength and precision to shape various materials.
Its versatility and reliability make it an indispensable tool in manufacturing and construction processes within these industries.

stretch forming machine

PBF-15-03 Stretch Forming Machine

The PBF-15-03 Stretch Forming Machine is a 15-ton semi-automatic stretch forming machine designed for various industrial applications. Operating as a dual-arm structure, this machine offers versatility and precision in its stretch forming capabilities.

stretch forming machine

PBF-120-14 Stretch Forming Machine

Specifically tailored to handle stretch forming profiles with a minimum radius of R800mm, PBF-120 stretch forming machine demonstrates its capability to shape materials with precision and adaptability. Its engineering allows for the manipulation of various materials, offering unparalleled versatility in industrial applications.