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PBF-A Stretch Forming Machine

stretch forming for bumper beams bending
stretch forming for bumper beams bending

BIT’s PBF-A Stretch Forming Machine is primarily used in the automotive industry for the cold bending of bumper beams, roof racks, door frames, glass guides, and window frame trims. With various molds, it can bend and shape luggage racks, door frames, glass guides, window frame trims, and roof trims into different styles.


  • Bending of roof racks
  • Bending of bumper beam
  • Bending of trims
  • Bending of door frames
  • Bending of glass guides


  • Welded bed structure with excellent rigidity and vibration absorption, undergoing strict aging treatment. All moving parts maintain long-term stability for precise processing.
  • The lifting force of the left and right arms is controlled separately by two oil pumps. The torque of lifting is regulated by a proportional overflow valve with a pressure deviation of about 3% from the set pressure. The repeatability coefficient is 3% within a temperature range of 30°C to 40°C. The bending and clamping cylinders of the left and right arms are controlled by two oil pumps, using proportional reversing valves for bending. The up and down movements of the left and right Z axes are controlled by two oil pumps using proportional reversing valves, allowing flexibility based on the product’s curvature requirement, aiding in energy conservation.
  • Equipped with 8 reserved hydraulic interfaces and 4 reserved pneumatic interfaces, all of which are connected to the hydraulic, electrical, and other systems of the entire machine. These interfaces can be configured according to the requirements of different molds.
  • The equipment is relatively straightforward to change molds. Generally, it takes about 2 hours for one operator to replace a standard, intact mold (time may vary depending on the complexity of the mold). The machine can store multiple sets of mold information, enabling quick access to previous production data after mold changes, reducing debugging time and processing cycles.