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Tee and U Plate Straightening Machine

H Beam Straightening Machine

The PSM H-Beam Straightening Machine is a special equipment used to correct the angular deformation of the wing plate after welding.

PSM H-Beam Straightening Machine

PSM H-Beam Straightening Machine is a device specially used to correct the deformation of H-shaped steel wing plates after welding. Adjust the distance between the root and the transmission roller on the straightening machine (the distance value must be determined according to the thickness of the wing plate and the degree of angular deformation of the workpiece), and the transmission roller drives the H-shaped steel to pass between the three rollers, thereby causing the wing plate to form Opposite angle deformation, according to the deformation degree of H-shaped steel, adjust the distance between the upper and lower strokes to achieve the best deformation effect, and make the H-shaped steel or H-shaped steel that has just reached the welding shape, during the welding and heating process, due to the lateral shrinkage of the welded metal, the wing plate undergoes angular deformation.

PSM H-Beam Straightening Machine

The PSM series plate unit straightening machine was developed under the guidance of many experts in the industry. Each specification is the first in the country, the technical level has reached the international advanced level, and it is a new product with independent intellectual property rights.

This series of products has a novel structure, superior performance, and high automation. It has the following characteristics:

  • The PSM Straightening Machine is highly automated and numerically controlled, reflecting internationally advanced technology.
  • It can realize the bottom plate leveling function of H/I beam, U-rib plate welding parts, and T-shaped plate welding parts.
  • It can correct the flatness in the length direction of vertical plate units and improve the flatness in the length direction of H/I beams, U-rib plate welding parts, and T-shaped units.
  • The equipment is equipped with front and rear feeding rollers, which can automatically feed materials and conveniently measure the flatness of the bottom plate.
  • The hydraulic system adopts imported proportional valves and pressure sensor devices, which can accurately control position and pressure.
  • The electrical control system adopts automatic control technology, sensing detection, and signal processing technology, which has the advantages of convenient diagnosis and simple operation.