What is Pipe Bending and Tube Bending

The Differences Between Pipe Bending And Tube Bending:

It’s worth a mention firstly that there are two common terms used in industry, tube bending and pipe bending. Tube is measured by the outside diameter whereas pipe is measured by the inside diameter. Pipe sizing refers to the nominal inside diameter, sometimes called nominal bore, rather than the actual inside diameter.

Hydraulic tube bending machine

Tube bending, or pipe bending, dates back over 100 years. There are dozens of different kinds of machines dependent on the desired shape, which can range from simple hand-operated tube benders through to a fully computerised numerically controlled machines.

Hydraulic tube bending machine

When considering pipe bending or tube bending, there are many factors that need to be taken into account, all of which have a significant bearing on the end results. It’s always good practice to consult a specialist pipe bending sub-contractor who will offer advice on what material to use and which method will produce the best results. For example, compression pipe bending and draw pipe bending feasibility is limited to the tooling the specialist bending sub-contractor has in their stock, and even if they do have suitable tooling, the material grade of a pipe might render the production unfeasible. For instance, a draw pipe bending machine that can bend a 4” (101.6mm) pipe to a 3D (3 x Diameter) radius in mild steel would have difficulty bending the same size pipe to the same parameters in stainless steel due to the additional strength (torque) required to bend.

Hydraulic pipe bending machine
profile pipe bending machine