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Three weapons for bending pipes in the new version 2021

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Tube Bending

Bending Pipe
Bending Pipe

Profile bending machine can bend a large variety of materials including but not limited to, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Inconel, Chrome Moly, Copper Nickel, Carbon Steel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel tubes. BIT pipe & tube bending machine (section bender) is capable of bending a range of outer diameters in sizes from Φ76×4 up to Φ510×20 and everything in between to serve production volumes of any size.

Bending Square Tube
Bending Square Tube

Tube bending is a collective term that describes a variety of forming processes that can permanently bend or change the shape of tubing or pipe.

What Is the Tube Bending Process?

Rotary Draw Bending:

The Rotary Draw Bending process may be used to form single, multiple, or compound bends. Rotary Draw bending is performed with the use of a mandrel to assist in interior support throughout the bend. The mandrel to tube ID fit is within precise clearance measurement. With pressure being applied from within, it balances the outside forces more evenly.

hydraulic profile bending machine
pipe bending machine

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Compression Bending:

Compression Bending is effective for straightening or single bend applications. The workpiece is clamped or held steady, and force is applied directly to create the bend. This method results in oval cross-sections and is generally limited to thin-walled or larger bend radii. Typically the bend is performed without internal support to balance the pressure, which can result in crushed bends. The maximum degree of the bend is generally less than 120°, though a 180° may be required for Serpentine Bends. This technique is used in the Small Bending Department and the Special Projects Cell.

Roll Bending:

Roll Bending is used for large radius bending. The tube is pushed through a set of three rollers to form a large arc.

profile tube bending machine
profile tube bending machine

This is the section bending method using the tube bending machine (profile bending machine)

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