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Section Bending Universal Column


Beams and wide flange are both bent by BIT series beam bending machine ( profile bending machine ), from the very small sizes to the very large sizes.

Bending Profiles H-Beams
Bending Profiles H-Beams
ModelHard Way (H - Beams)Easy Way (I - Beams) 
Specification (mm)Minimum Inside Diameter (mm)Specification (mm)Minimum Inside Diameter (mm)
W24S-16  120600
W24S-45  140600

Bending Profiles H-Beams & I-Beams

This structural section has wide application in buiding and industrial uses, similar to the universal beam.

BIT series profile bending machine ability to bend wide flange and I-beam the easy way (against the weak axis) and the hard way (against the strong axis).

Section bending machine can bend all types of beam / wide flange including aluminum, stainless and carbon steel.

I-Beam and wide flange are specified in similar fashions.

The most common bending method is a roll bend or pyramid bends method. Straight material is inserted into the rolls; the rolls are then moved horizontally to put the desired radius into the material. The material can also be bent incrementally hot or incrementally cold. This is where small sections of material are bent at one time. When finished the section has a smooth curve to the bent section.

Other tools that sophisticated shops use to bend wide flange and I-beam are a web stretcher and mandrels. These tools are critical to use when bending the hard way as they keep the critical web from buckling or distorting.

The main difference between I-beam and wide flange is that I-beam has tapered flanges while wide flange has straight flanges.

Tees (Beam Splitting):

You can split any size wide flange into "T" (Tees) and straighten, in our profile bending machine, to mill tolerances.